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Best Comedy Movies of 2021 So Far

As the world continues to fall apart, don’t you want to do something that makes you laugh, after a long week of work, comedy movies are the biggest laugh, but it is difficult to find the exact comedy movies that you may be interested in. So we are here to help. We have now selected the list of the best Comedy Movies 2021. We have everything from stupid partner comedies, gorgeous large-scale commercial comedies, more esoteric independent films, and even a few films between comedy and drama. You will definitely find something you like, so scroll through our list of the best comedies of 2021, head down below to find the perfect option. The best comedy movies 2021 will keep you on the sidelines and keep you from breaking up. These 2021 comedy movies are one of the best new movies of this year. With so many great comedy movies coming out, it must be hard to say which one is the best this year. This is where you end up deciding.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar

best comedy movies of 2021 so far
Release Date: – February 12, 2021

At first watch, I wasn’t a fan just because it wasn’t what I was expecting. I watched it again knowing how silly it was going to be and I oddly love this movie it is similar to an Austin Powers kind of comedy. The scenery is gorgeous too. There’s plenty to like about this film, Lots of ridiculousness, lots of silliness, plenty of laughs. There were a lot of times I rewound to LOL at a scene again. It’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time it was weird and all over the place and the complete opposite of bridesmaids which is why I love it so many people were expecting another bridesmaid movie but Kristen and Annie’s minds are so unique and their humor is so ridiculous that anything they put out can have the entire world laughing it’s a fun watch and would definitely recommend.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

 The Map of Tiny Perfect Things movie cast
Release Date: – February 12, 2021

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a deep and meaningful surprise. It started off seemingly very Ferris Bueller meets Groundhog Day but the journey of emotions and depth of the character arcs provide a charming, original, and satisfying experience. Beneath its beautiful, glossy surface The Map of Tiny Pretty Things has remarkable depth reminding us that in the mundane routine and messiness of life we can stop to appreciate the little things with the knowledge that we are all in this together. This is a tiny map that we all should be so lucky to find.

To All the Boys: Always and Forever

best rom coms 2021 so far
Release Date: – February 12, 2021

Although the book is way better than the movie, it was definitely more beautiful, practical, and cuter. The movie cut many important scenes from the novel but it’s a wonderful movie and a nice conclusion to the trilogy. In this movie, Lara Jean and Peter plan to go to Stanford together, but Lara Jean does not get in, while Peter does. Their backup plan, which is Lara Jean going to Berkeley and visiting on the weekends also falls apart when LJ falls in love with NYU. The last 40 min of the movie just revolve around Peter accepting the fact that she wants to go to NYU. In the end, they decide to accept it and stay together. It’s really good to watch but the movie is not that detailed. It’s light and fun.

Willy’s Wonderland

top 10 comedies 2021 so far
Release Date: – February 12, 2021

The movie plot or the story is a bit too dull in my opinion, but it really packs a lot of surprises and twists. The story is easy to understand, straightforward and direct and it makes a whole lot of sense. Even tho it’s a low-budget-friendly movie, it really drives into it. Especially the gore bloody scenes and deaths are really good in terms of being an animatronic movie. I am confident tho, that this movie can and might deserve to have a sequel or just keep the happy ending the way it was. For me personally, I loved it watching at night, it really good, it ain’t scary as well. Just a few jumpscares and bloody scenes, and heck Nicolas Cage the main character didn’t even utter a single word, which makes the movie more eerie and good. The only cons are it doesn’t seem to be quite perfect and makes it seem obvious that it’s a low-budget movie except the Nicolas Cage’s Camaro in the movie.

French Exit

french exit movie cast
Release Date: – February 12, 2021

Everything I love about independent film making. Beautiful and brave storytelling that seduces, charms, and most importantly, is deeply affecting. The cast is pitch-perfect, even extraordinary. Not a false moment by even the smallest of roles. This storytelling is a testament to the director’s intelligence, wisdom, and humanity. It somehow manages to be both fanciful, at times, yet always grounded. I highly recommend it.

Blithe Spirit

 Blithe Spirit movie cast 2021
Release Date: – February 19, 2021

The great cast comes together in this pleasantly charming and amusing British comedy based on the famous noel coward play. I could not find anything particularly negative to find within this film, just don’t expect a groundbreaking masterpiece. It was gorgeous, wacky, and so much fun. Perfect if you’re in the mood for something light with a twist. I don’t know if Leslie Mann was the exact right choice for her role, but everyone else was delightful. This is how old-school movies should be. So many negative reviews but I liked it. It’s funny and has a good storyline…I wholeheartedly recommend this movie. It is a light-hearted romp full of wit and charm, Escapist pleasure a smile inside rather than a loud guffaw. Seinfeld taught us that we do not have to feel warm to characters. We can respond to stupid selfishness. The Art Deco house was amazing. Isla Fisher was gorgeous……but stupid. Don’t overanalyze this film. Sit back and feel comfortable.


moxie movie cast 2021
Release Date: – March 3, 2021

This film offers young viewers an introduction to feminism, giving a nod to feminisms of the past, and even addressing some of the shortcomings of earlier movements. The film follows protagonist Vivian, who, inspired by her mother’s activism, becomes awakened to, and understandably enraged, by the blatant sexism on display at her school, ignored by school faculty. On her mission to bring about change, Vivian writes an anonymous feminist punk-zone, inspiring her peers to step up and demand change. The movement is not without its flaws, and Vivian makes mistakes, echoing her mother, who admits early on to have made mistakes herself while protesting as a young woman. Ultimately, Vivian and her peers bring about real change in their community. While sometimes misguided, they offer young people a more optimistic look at the future-a future where people of all genders, ethnicities, and abilities, no matter their body type or sexual preferences, have a voice and can be heard.

Coming 2 America

 Coming 2 America movie cast 2021
Release Date: – March 4, 2021

Coming 2 America takes everything that the previous movie did and expands upon it in every way possible, The trailer for this movie made me think that this was going to be a bland sequel using everyone’s nostalgia to get a quick buck, but this movie is the exact opposite of that I feel and the story wasn’t half bad characters went through arcs and you can see how they’ve changed throughout the movie. The only real complaint I have with this movie is there’s maybe a little too many dance numbers in it and I’d say and there aren’t enough Eddie Murphy or Wesley Snipes in the movie. The actors in the movie really give their all I feel especially Wesley Snipes who you can tell is just having a fun time doing this movie and so does Tracy Morgan who is just hilarious in this movie. All and all this movie isn’t that bad, it is a great time pass movie.

Bad Trip

bad trip movie cast 2021
Release Date: – March 26, 2021

It took cues from the classic buddy movie, Dumb and Dumber and added the natural prankster format of Borat. It’s a great concept to blend them and it made for a lighthearted and funny movie. Sacha Baron Cohen provided a bit of support or consultation to Eric Andre’s movie team in the art of pranking for the widescreen. Tiffany Haddish played a great and hilarious antagonist. Her acting is better than I thought. Mixing a storyline with real-life pranks is what makes it original, although, it is cringe-inducing, irreverent, off putting, and disgusting at times. It’s up there in top funny movies 2021. That’s what I expected though. There’s a little of everything in this movie: adventure, comedy, friendship, love, action, horror lol. You just gotta see it! I really feel like this formula works on so many levels. I’ll agree some of the skits went a little too far for my personal taste, but overall it’s just really refreshing especially all those genuine reactions to the general plot that would easily go unquestioned if it was a normal movie. Eric Andre does not disappoint.


funniest films in 2021 so far
Release Date: – June 18, 2021

A beautiful story of a man determined to honor his job, a hard, demanding, and such rewarding job of being a father. Kevin plays this role convincingly, and it moved my heart. He loses the love of his life and has to raise their daughter alone and he does so in a way that is true, full of love, and shows why his wife picked him as her husband. A touching story of a man who takes his role as seriously as a father, that woman does as mothers, maybe more because his love for his wife was always on his mind, Beautiful movie, about real life and how to come out a winner in the face of tremendous loss. Well done Kevin Hart!

What do you think is the best Comedy Movies 2021? You should also check other movie genres’ top 10 or 20 lists on our website. In an era when we can all use a little kindness and cure, laughter is the best medicine. If you want, you can adjust some features tonight, Followed by a whole series of comedies. No matter what you like, you’ll find something to look forward to on our list of top 10 comedies in 2021 so far.




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