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Best Movies of 2020

At the starting of 2020, we got to see some of the great movies for the year 2020. But then the whole world went upside down when the pandemic hit and the effects of it were all the best movies of 2020 got to release on OTT platforms and didn’t have their mark on the box office. Here listed are the top 20 films of 2020 which had the audience amazed with creativity, cinematography and got impressive ratings.


best movies of 2020
Release Date: – February 19, 2021
This is an extraordinary cinematic achievement. In this movie, the actors are seamlessly intertwined with real-life nomads. The film did not have much impact, but it was very distinctive, introducing countless emotions and social etiquette to the audience. This is the perfect role for Francis because he can play a “plain role”, but even in the most difficult moments of his life, he occasionally achieves it with a sincere smile. This movie takes us to a place that most of us don’t yearn for, but it shows that even if there is no extravagant life, we still have a human experience. The content you take out of this movie will be completely personalized based on your own life journey and what you are grateful for or ashamed for at the same time.


Top 20 movies of 2020
Release Date: – February 21, 2020
The film follows the book closely and is a charming and witty adaptation. According to Jane Austen, Emma is not immediately likable, and she is definitely not around. But she’s definitely pretty smart, as the opening scenes tell us, and in the end, she learns that natural intelligence is useless, if you’re not ready to learn from your mistakes. The cast fits their roles perfectly, whether it’s Anya TaylorJoy as the smart and proud Emma, Johnny Flynn as the thoughtful and kind Sir Knightley, Bill Nighy as the complaining father, or Miranda Hart in the sweet and talkative Role of Miss Bates. Everyone is perfectly suited to their role. The landscape is road perfection. Like the catchy soundtrack and era-appropriate dialogue, delivering a timeless and intelligent quality that’s often not found in today’s movies. It’s the perfect antidote to the modern world. And that’s not a bad thing right now.

The Invisible Man

2020 best movies
Release Date: – February 28, 2020
This movie is an amazing thriller, but the movie has some dramatic flaws, but the performance, story, and action all make up for it, definitely one of the first contenders for one of the top movies of 2020. The Invisible Man doesn’t try to be anything that it isn’t and plays to its advantage with excellent scores, excellent photography, and a fascinating plot but is not too complacent. If you have the privilege of home theater, you can enjoy sound mastering and low-frequency effects. The outstanding performance of the role of Elizabeth Moss really took this movie to a new level. All in all, the film is not without its limitations, but at least it recognizes them and manages to establish its own advantages.


popular movies in 2020
Release Date: – April 24, 2020
Extraction is one the most popular movie of the year it has everything that people expect. It has a good story, great actors, and realistic action scenes. The great thing about this movie is that it doesn’t beat around the bushes, and it insists on a fast pace from the very first minute. From a technical point of view, this movie is also outstanding. Joe Russo and Sam Hargrave did a great job. One of the main scenes in the movie is the longest I’ve seen (no cuts), with lots of car action, hidden cuts, etc. Every shooting angle is flawless, especially drones and wide-angle lenses. The music and sound design also add excitement to the film. Also, the color gradation is excellent, suitable for the mood and positions are shown in the film. All in all, from an audience and critical perspective, this is one of the best action movies I’ve seen in a long time.

The Old Guard

must see movies 2020
Release Date: – July 10 2020
In short, “Old Guard” is a fascinating, interesting, and memorable action movie. It has all the actions you want and some nice character moments in between, giving everything a bigger purpose. Charlize Theron continues to play such a fierce action role and her excellent acting skills should be appreciated. Unlike other superhero movies, the CGI of this movie isn’t high; at least it doesn’t look like it. The actions are mostly real combat, such as unarmed fighting, gunfights, etc., at a fast pace. The opening sequence alone is sufficient to confirm this. The cinematography technology is superb, and the fighting scenes are mostly shot with great angles, and are shot without excessive shaking which is easier to understand, experience, and enjoy. Do you think that extraction is the only summer action blockbuster that Netflix offers us this year? Well, The Old Guard is another one, and fans of the genre can easily accept it and just sit down, eat some snacks, turn off the lights, and enjoy the journey.

Rising Phoenix

new movies 2020
Release Date: – August 26, 2020
Rising Phoenix is a documentary, not only for fans of the Paralympic Games, but also for sports fans, documentary viewers, and people who like to hear stories told by others. Interviews with athletes and other stakeholders are rich and interesting. We even accept an interview with the Duke of Sussex, or Prince Harry, as we know. Bonhôte and Ettedgui took time to photograph the athletes in their wake; an underwater swimmer and a fencer practicing jabs. These vignettes are intertwined with the interviews and images of the athletes as they tell their stories. The entire film tells the story of the Paralympic Games and how it was on the brink of extinction at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Bebe Vio is an Italian fencer in a wheelchair. He also suffered a childhood meningitis amputation. Its history is fascinating. Vio spoke about how she felt like an athlete when she lost her arms and legs at the age of 11. In a more heartbreaking story, Jean Baptiste Alaize lost a leg during the Burundi war as a child. Now he is participating in the long jump with the French team. Paralympic athlete Tatyana McFadden at the summer and Winter Olympics is a featured athlete and executive producer. In 2004, he participated in the Paralympic track and field competition for the first time as a teenager. In 2014, ten years after he participated in the Paralympic Games for the first time, he decided to participate in the Winter Paralympics and also participate in alpine skiing competitions.


movies to watch in 2020
Release Date: – September 3, 2020
This film is very creative, it is time travel, but with a twist. But if you want to watch this movie, you really have to pay attention, because some details and references may be important later in the movie. This may be confusing at first, but as the film progresses, the combination of these pieces will become more meaningful. This is the goal of this movie. The logic behind investing and getting started is the most confusing, but as I said before, they will come together on their own. I think the actors did a great job of making it feel real, and for a movie with a complex plot, it was as clear and not boring. Christopher Nolan has made this movie brilliantly as ever, and if you like sci-fi and action-packed movies, you should definitely check it out.

The Devil All The Time

best movies to watch in 2020
Release Date: – September 11, 2020
Dark, cold, and bloody, but it’s an exciting movie. This is an interrelated death story as if destiny played its role. The story is well written. The rhythm is very good, and there will be witty twists and surprises under unexpected circumstances. Even when it was about to end, viewers were half looking forward to another turning point in the story. The cast is great; everyone has contributed to a wonderful story. The score strengthens its gloomy and melancholic tone. Another surprise was that Jack Gyllenhaal, a versatile actor, was one of the producers. Letting the writer Donald Ray Pollack tell this story in the third person is an inspiring decision that makes the narrative true. Antonio Campos did a great job of bringing a powerful story to the screen. This is an underrated movie. You must find time to see for yourself.


top films in 2020
Release Date: – October 8, 2020
This movie is good from beginning to end it manages to keep your attention. For those movie watchers with a short attention span, it isn’t a long and drawn-out storyline or plot. Sarah Paulson is one of the best actresses to walk the earth. It’s creative, Tensed, and filled with terse sequences. Run is a very predictable thriller and it is just that. Part of the reason why the film isn’t about the illnesses mentioned is gradually revealed as the plot moves on. The entire plot is very tense and hardly any relief is added so expect a very monotone coaster. The pacing is a bit fast but nothing that catches my eye, some sequences like the theater-pharmacy scene and escape scenes dragged too long and at some point felt unnecessary. There were a few illogical inconsistencies but none that lay flat. The characters don’t stick with you as their traits are frequently switched as expected in a drama but Chloe does a fantastic job to show her side. All in all, it is a good one-time watch.

The Forty-Year-Old Version

 The Forty-Year-Old Version cast
Release Date: – October 9, 2020
Director and filmmaker Radha Blank is the writer, director, co-producer, and star of The FortyYearOld Version. In most of her semi-autobiographical feature films she makes her debut, she is actually 39 years old. This is a smart endeavor. She played a role called Radha, who, like her, is an artist from New York City. About to turn 40, the 40th version of Radha wants to be hippie-like a man close to middle age. This film chronicles her struggles as an aspiring artist in an industry that is unfriendly to black women, what this industry means to black people, and as a woman in a world that doesn’t like talking to black women. Therefore, Radha found herself in crisis. The film was produced by Lena Waithe and shot entirely in 25mm black and white by Eric Branco, and the film was eccentric, humorous, and well-made. Except that it can be shortened to about 20 minutes.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

vertice cinema best movies 2020
Release Date: – October 9, 2020
An excellent thriller with humor is evenly distributed. Jim Cummings is directing and starring in the film. His character gets better and better. He plays the character that is under stress which was very surprising. The story continues with a series of particularly brutal murders that threaten the small tourist ski community and a young noble police captain who falls into a stressful and drunken state when the town erupts in his perceived failure in Alfred Hitchcock’s psycho-evil funny love letter. It’s possible. It should look… Are the werewolves threatening the town under the full moon? A wonderful revival of the werewolf genre… with a twist. It is a thrilling ride. It’s a mix of horror, mystery, and comedy movies, if you are in a wolf and digging type movie. This movie will live up to your expectations.

Over The Moon

best movies 2020
Release Date: – October 16, 2020
Over the Moon hits different, it is the perfect combination of feeling, heartbreaking romance, adventure, and some mythological fringe. I like the touch of color, it is beautiful. Make things stand out, such a damn aesthetic. The songs are also quite nice. I heard a few more songs in the movie, they are very upbeat, but each song has deep lines. This movie is very sweet and definitely one of my all-time favorites. I highly recommend watching it, and I like Netflix to explore the animation path. It’s unfair to compare it to big-name seasoned animators like Disney and Pixar. Give Netflix some beginner-friendly grace and watch it fairly. It’s worth it. Every action is just right, and the details are breathtaking. There is a harmony reminiscent of Hayao Miyazaki’s films, emphasizing both character and realism. There are no wasted items here either. No matter what level you are at, whether you are an avid movie lover or a spontaneous audience, this is a movie worth watching and a good movie that can be added to your annual watch list.

Love and Monsters

 Love and Monsters cast
Release Date: – October 16, 2020
Surprisingly, it does a very good job of maintaining a steady rhythm of entertainment without delaying drama or romance. Its action scenes are short but funny, and at the same time, they use their fun monsters to inspire a sense of surprise. They created a world that I really want to know more about! The design of this creature is not very strange; in fact, it is quite good, because it should be a mutated version of the earth’s flora and fauna. This movie is a kind of enjoyment visually. Some beautiful places are used in the movie to give people a real sense of exploration, just like any good adventure movie. I think this story is very touching, not because of the romantic nature of the main story, but because of the more important side story, a boy and his dog survived the end of the world.

His House

His House Cast
Release Date: – October 30, 2020
The film opens with an original story. A married African couple escapes the dangers of their village and makes it to Britain where they’re given a house by the government. In order to fit in, the husband begins to change things about him while the wife wants to continue holding on to her African roots. The husband is haunted by a witch because of his terrible past. The couple is both being taunted by the Witch and ghosts that live in the house. It’s definitely a must-watch. Normally I’ll add more to a review regarding the film but I feel like I may give away too much. I would recommend it to anyone into horror films.

Let Him Go

 Let Him Go cast
Release Date: – November 6, 2020
From the simple point of view of the audience, this is an amazing movie, with some knowledge of psychology and the true identity of the Weebly family; the children are copies of their totalitarian mothers. It has a slow build-up, which can be a good thing, but there’s not enough in the first forty minutes to make the build-up as suspenseful as it should be. Other than that: very good. Watching Weeboys mother join forces to deal with Costner filled me with anger. Then Costner decides to take the law into his own hands to save his daughter and that’s the main plot of this movie. The development of this film is satisfying, but it leaves you with the mature questions of real-life scenarios: what else can be done, excellent movie, excellent performance.

Sound of Metal

 Sound of Metal cast
Release Date: – November 20, 2020
Best movie of 2020, everything about it from the premise to the screenplay to the direction to the actors is just outstanding. It’s emotional and realistic, Slow pace but not boring at all. The film takes viewers on a young musician’s transformative journey from victim to victor. It will touch your soul. Riz Ahmed is brilliant as Ruben, a nomadic drummer in a two-person rock band who learns that he’s going deaf. Superb performances from the supporting cast and a great ending make this one you shouldn’t miss. You can feel his anger, stress, confusion, joy, and finally acceptance with mostly his eyes and body language. It really makes you understand what it would be like to lose your hearing but suffer from addiction. This movie is probably not for everyone but it is still worth watching.

The Christmas Chronicles 2

top movies 2020
Release Date: – November 25, 2020
Kurt Russel’s performance as Santa Claus is amazing. His take on Santa Claus will set the bar for all other actors if they want to be good. Goldiehorn’s point of view on Mrs. Santa is as good as Kurt Russell’s point of view on Santa. The part where she reads to children is so beautiful. Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn are perfect couples. The movie Santa Claus and Christmas Chronicle is destined to become a Christmas classic. I hope Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn make the third Christmas Chronicle movie. The trilogy will make this even more surprising, and maybe the third can tell us how they met. Some scenes are really dated and the original song doesn’t scream Christmas, but overall, great plot and acting.

Life in a Year

Life in a Year movie cast 2020
Release Date: – November 27, 2020
This movie from start to finish has your heartstrings pulled tight; it’s not only a great love story but a fantastic life story. At first, the characters didn’t grab. Everything looked typical. But the real tug was when she got worse. They played off each other well. Cara is a natural wild child, and Jaden plays a stiff straight ace easily. The supporting cast was really great. A lot of times that makes the movie. The Drag Queen and Jaden’s school buddies were nutty enough to be believed. All in all, a good movie is ramped up to a really good movie. It is one of those that actually reminds you that there are still good romantic movies left. It is unique and it takes turns you don’t expect. Well acted all sides. It was believable. And the screenplay was nice and I would definitely recommend this movie.

Another Round

good movies in 2020
Release Date: – December 18, 2020
It is so refreshing to see a realistic portrait of a group of middle-aged, middle-class men, being honest with each other, and very loving. Not a hint of misogyny, which makes a welcome change. Mads Mikkelsen is a great actor, The way his eyes were teary as he took that first drink in the restaurant as he spoke of his marriage. The way his eyes showcased a broken soul as the parents and students confronted him. And that uncertainty and fright in his eyes as he started the alcohol experiment with his friends which turned out to bring much joy later in the movie. The movie paced very well. And even when we were just brought with sorrow at the funeral, we were then brought to this amazing joyous scene at the end with Mads Mikkelsen’s charismatic performance. I can’t say this enough but this movie is definitely worth watching.


Soul movie cast 2020
Release Date: – Dec 25, 2020
This movie is so innovative in its way of comparing cognitive thoughts and spiritual experiences with the real world, and they found an ingenious way to represent metaphors I never thought would be represented in a movie. Simply put, its storytelling is brilliant. The animation style is a classic, it definitely feels like Pixar, and it has a lot of Pixar charm that so many people of different generations have come to know and love. Its soundtrack is amazing and the voice actors nail it in this movie. Each character feels like a distinct and integral character to the story and it is easy to get completely lost in this movie and it is so easy to become completely immersed in its world. All in all, this movie is risk-taking, moving, and cinematically brilliant, and it is not only one of the best movies Disney Pixar has released in years, but will definitely go down as one of my favorite movies of all time. I sincerely hope that if you give this movie a shot, it moves you just as much as it moved me.

From the best movies of 2020 which one of them gets the job done for you? These were the top movies of the year and if you tend to watch any of the movies, I guarantee that you will not be bored and have a really fun time watching them. In this list, the movies mentioned are arranged according to their release dates and have random genres.




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