Birth Day: 1968-11-25

Place of birth: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Jill Hennessy's confidence and maturity propelled her to early success in the long-running crime drama series "Law & Order." She portrayed Assistant District Attorney Claire Kincaid for three seasons. Despite her nomadic childhood, Hennessy refused to limit her creative endeavours. She took on roles in films like "The Paper" and "I Shot Andy Warhol." After leaving "Law & Order," she appeared in smaller roles in movies such as "A Smile Like Yours" and "Most Wanted." Hennessy returned to television in the miniseries "Nuremberg" before starring in her own series, "Crossing Jordan." In this show, she played a determined medical examiner seeking justice for the deceased. Following the conclusion of "Crossing Jordan," Hennessy continued to take on film roles, including in movies like "Wild Hogs" and "Lymelife." Currently, she can be seen in Showtime's "City on a Hill" and has appeared in other series such as "Shots Fired," "Crawford," and the pilot episode of "Yellowstone." Jill, a singer/songwriter, wrote all the songs on her first album "Ghost In My Head" and also performed on the Lilith Tour with Sarah McLachlan, The Indigo Girls, and the Dixie Chicks. She was even featured on The Indigo Girls' live album "Staring Down The Brilliant Dream". Jill went on to write all the songs on her second album "I Do" and is currently working on her third album. Although not widely known, Jill's talent and charm have enabled her to pursue both practical and personal projects.