Son Çıkış

Son Çıkış Welcome to the New Istanbul. A massive concrete jungle feeding on chaos and hypocrisy; it's inhabitants at the end of their tether. Tahsin is a burnt-out architect suffocated by his existence in this very city. One night, he re-encounters an old friend, Siren; a changed woman who now lives on the remote southern coast of Turkey where she works on an organic farm. Instantly enchanted, he decides to follow her down south. He packs his suitcase, bids angry farewells at work and heads for the airport. Yet, little does he know what a tragicomic odyssey awaits him.

Average Score : 77

Istanbul, take it or leave it.

Status: Released

Release Date: 2018-12-07

Geners Comedy

Production Companies Giyotin Film Kurmaca Film

Production Countries Turkey,

Run time: 93 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --