Comedy Movies 2015

Comedy movies are not only a great way to cheer you up, they will leave you laughing for hours to come. Expect mouth dropping, busting out laughing, eye’s crying, ribs killing you from the hours you spend with some of the funniest movies 2015 has to offer. The top funny films in 2015 will leave their mark on you for years to come remembering some of the most hilarious moments you had. If you still are not convinced these movies will be as hilarious just check out these lists and decide for yourself.

The Wedding Ringer- Release Date: January 16, 2015
Although awkward in social situations Dough Harris (Josh Gad) has to weeks before he marries the woman of his dreams (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting), but he has one big problem to go with the wedding: Doug has no groomsmen. In desperation and time is a ticking he calls Jimmy Callahan (Kevin Hart), who just happens to be the owner of Best Man Inc., that provides attendants for grooms. Doug tries to pull one over on everyone including his bride only for a bromance to break out between Jimmy and Doug. Now, will the bromance end and the wedding get back on track before everything in lost or will the wedding be called off?

What We Do in the Shadows: Release Date- February 13, 2015

Even with its early release in February the trailer definitely captures the more hilarious and crazy moments within the film that you will not want to miss. For those vampire and crazy creatures’ fanatics this movie is definitely right for you. Vampires now played by Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, Johnathan Brugh, and newly turned vamp Cori Gonxalez-Marcuer know how to fight and fly in the night. These crazy comedies, 2015 features vampires, werewolves, and even zombies. From fighting at home with each other to flying around town at night you will not find a dull moment with this comedy. Take a look into how the walking dead live and pass their time it may just be too funny for you to handle.

Spy: Release Date- June 5, 2015

Playing as the behind the scenes desk analysis for the CIA, Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) has yet to realize her full potential within the company. Susan has never seen field work or been out in the world as a spy, she has lived her dreams behind the desk helping spy’s with their field assignments. Envious of the other spy’s, the moment her partner (Jude Law) goes missing and another top agent (Jason Statham) is compromised she steps up to save the day. The CIA has no one who the deadly arms dealer does not know about or so they think. Susan volunteers to signal handedly take down the arms dealer before they have a chance to strike at their plan that could impact the entire World.

Dope: Release Date- June 19,2015

These high strung high school friends Malcolm (Shameik Moore), Jib (Tony Revolori), and Diggy (Kiersey Clemonds) love playing punk music in their own band after bonding over some 1990’s hip-hop scenes. As they celebrate a birthday at a nightclub the teens meet a drug dealer called Dom, the scene soon turns violent leaving the teens to flee the scene taking off with the drugs (Ecstasy) Dom had with him. The high school friends now must run for safety and protect themselves as they try to keep the drug stash away from the armed thugs who want their drugs back.

Ted 2 Release Date- June 26, 2015

Girls dream of meeting Mr. Right, falling in love, and the fairytale wedding nearly every day but, when one woman (Jessica Barth) falls in love with her best friend Ted (Seth MacFarlane), not everything is as normal as you would think. For one, Ted is not a handsome six- foot tall knight in shining armor but, he does have a sense of humor. Ted’s secret is that he is a three-foot tall, hair covered, full of stuffing, BEAR! That is correct, Jessica fell in love with a bear. After the couple have the most unusual wedding they begin planning for children but, everything that could go wrong does. Ted is being pursued by the government no less who is telling him he cannot have children. Now, Ted, Jessica, and their best friends must fight the government for the right to have children. As they take you along on the journey with wacky tactics and unforeseen challenges you will have a kick out of this less than normal couple.

Trainwreck- Release Date: July 17, 2015
Amy (Amy Schumer), a magazine writer, whose father made it clear that monogamy is not realistic she has made promiscuity her credo. Amy’s love was her life free of commitment that no one would hold her down from her dreams and life. Everything seemed to have been going great for Amy until she was given a story to write a profile on a charming sports doctor Aaron Conners (Bill Hader). Amy finds herself attracted to Aaron more than she likes to admit. As she begins to fall in love and Amy notices Aaron feeling the same way she begins to question herself and tactics only leading her to believe she must clean up her act and fast.

Vacation: Release Date- July 29, 2015

If you really want to know what your family is made of why not pack them in a car and take a cross country trip to Wally World. Rusty Grisworld, plays dad who just wants to spend some quality time with his family and make some memories that will last a lifetime just like his family did when he was growing up. The only problem is that his wife and kids are not as eager for such a trip as he is. As they set off on their trip nothing seems to go as planned with one misadventure after another.

Masterminds: Initial Release Date- August 6, 2015

What are you to do when your job becomes dull and boring with no end in sight? You could spice things up and convince your work crush, David Ghantt, to rob a bank vault with you. Not only does Kelly and Kelly Campbell successfully rob the bank the duo makes off with over $17 million in cash, what a payout. After they make off with the cash, the duo hands the money over to the wrong set of people who plan on making Kelly and David take the fall for it all. They must go on a crazy adventure to evade the law and a hitman out for them. The only question is whether or not they can make it out of this situation they caused themselves thanks to a boring job.

The Final Girls: Release Date- October 9, 2015

Max, a young woman, whom lost her mother recently was on her way to see a horror movie her mother once played in some twenty years ago. Max and her friends soon figure out something is not right about the movie in fact they are not watching the movie at all, they are in the movie now. The worst problem is that any couple in the movie that has sex finds themselves in the wrath of the horror and will inevitably be killed. So, one would think all they need to do is avoid sex altogether but, nothing is ever that simple. Without the clever thinking and knowledge Max has from the film her and her friends may not survive.

Daddys Home: Release Date- December 25, 2015

If you are looking for an epic release this Christmas, Daddys Home is going to be hands down the best comedy movies 2015 has in store for you. Will Ferrell play’s the well-mannered, good boy, radio executive, husband and step-father to two children. Will has no adventurous bad boy bone in his body, always playing life safe until the father comes for a visit. Father (Mark Wahlberg) shows up for a visit none other than riding his stellar motorcycle. Mark has all the bad boy, adventurous qualities that Will has never possessed. Things start heating up as Will and Mark go head to head in competing for the children’s affection.