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best movies that are out right now
If you enjoy going to the cinemas and watching the latest movies, here’s how you can find the best movies that are out right now. Whether you enjoy action films, superhero films or romantic comedies, everyone enjoys watching a great movie with popcorn, candy, and an extra-large soda. Some may go more often than others but at least 48% of Americans attend the cinema regularly. It’s no surprise younger adults make up the majority of this category, however, each year people of all ages venture out to the cinema to see their favorite actors up on the big screen. Each year there is an average of 600 new Hollywood films released to theaters, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. However, most Americans only attend an average of 5 movies in a given year. That’s a lot of movies to be missing out on. Whether you are an avid movie lover, or simply want to venture out and see the latest Hollywood movie creations, it can be a guessing game choosing a film right for your specific interests. This article is designed to ease that burden and show you exactly where to go to see the latest movie releases, watch trailers and read reviews. This will help you find the best movies that are out right now for you.

The Latest Movies Released In Theaters

With movies being released left and right, it can be a daunting task finding the right ones for you or your family. Thankfully we have the internet at our disposal to assist us on our quest to find all the latest and greatest movies. Using a top-rated site like Vertice Cinema, you will be able to see at a glance exactly what movies are playing in theaters now as well as upcoming releases. Watch trailers, read reviews or search specific actors you are interested in seeing. This will save you time and money by taking the guesswork out of picking the next movie for your cinema outings. ensure once you have arrived at the cinema,  you only need to focus on what size popcorn and drink to purchase.

Why Vertice Cinema is the best?

We are your number one source for discovering the latest movies in theaters today. With us you can easily see what movies are opening this week or view movies that are now playing. Using our website you can watch the hottest trailers, see photos, search release dates, read reviews or search based on genre, cast or crew. Vertice Cinema allows you as a movie lover to access the ultimate source for all things cinema, making it a cinch to find the best movies out right now. By knowing what movies are in the theaters today, you can easily decide and plan what to watch today, tomorrow or this weekend with ease. Vertice Cinema is the ultimate resource for movie lovers of all kinds to find the best movies anytime and anywhere. Start planning your next big movie night today using Vertice Cinema. Never miss out on the latest movies ever again. Get started finding movies right for you today by visiting the website link below:

The following sites are great alternative resources to use in addition to Vertice Cinema:

Rotten Tomatoes
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Rotten Tomatoes website is perfect for movie fans of all ages to see how a movie holds up under review. This website was created back in 1998 and has been a great tool for avid moviegoers ever since. At Rotten Tomato a score is assigned to each movie from 1%-100%. This score is based on accumulated reviews written across the country. The score tells us whether reviews are more negative or positive translated to a freshness score. Movies with a tomato score of 60% or more are considered fresh (more positively reviewed) while any movie with a tomato score of 59% or lower is considered rotten (more negatively reviewed). This allows readers to easily compare the quality of movies based on average reviews from critics and everyday moviegoers alike. While on the Rotten Tomatoes website you will be able to search movies by release date, genre, actors and of course movies with the highest freshness score. Rotten Tomatoes not only offers the best reviews for cinematic movies but also offers reviews for movies on streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime to name a few. Rotten Tomatoes offer a score to virtually every movie new and old. Start researching and planning your next movie night with the help of Rotten Tomatoes movie review site. Fandango

Fandango is a great way to see the latest movie releases.  Fandango allows you to search for movies by release date, genre, and actors. Using Fandango you can view the full trailer and read reviews of all the newest movies. While on Fandango you can enter your city, state or zip code to find theaters and up to date showtimes, this ensures you won’t waste time when planning you and your family’s next movie night. Fandango allows you to purchase and reserve tickets at most theaters, this ensures the movie you choose will not sell out by the time you and your family arrive. Fandango offers exclusive rewards for purchasing movies through their site. This is great news for frequent moviegoers. Fandango VIP is a free movie reward program that allows you to earn points on every movie purchase that can be used for future movie purchases, you can gain bonus points from partnered theaters like AMC, Cinemark Connections, Stubs, or Regal Crown. Fandango VIP offers exclusive discounts on streaming movies, exclusive movie gear and other discounts galore! Fandango VIP offers access to advanced screenings as well. Another perk to being a member of Fandango VIP is the option of returning and exchanging. By requesting a return or exchange before the showtime you gain the freedom of knowing that whatever life throws at you, your money won’t be wasted on unused movie tickets. Fandango is a great tool for all movie lovers that will help you find the right movie for your next night out to the theater. Start using Fandango today and sign up for Fandango VIP for free to start saving time and money.

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