Documentaries 2015

The Best Documentaries of 2015 So Far

Documentaries tell us a story of a person or place shedding light on some of the most untold stores out there. Each documentary is unique be being specific to either one person or one place. There have been quite a few top documentaries in 2015 that has been released shedding a light on information we did not otherwise know until now. If you are a film and learner fanatic these awesome 2015 documentaries are exactly what you have been looking for.

The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts: Release Date – January 23, 2015

Once in famous professional wrestler who earned his name by taking a snake into the ring with him every time, Jake the Snake Roberts. Now, as he struggles with life after fame, the demons of his past, family that has given up on him, Jake the Snake Roberts is uncertain of the future. The documentary takes you inside the life of Jake the Snake, how fame destroyed him and his life. You will see firsthand the good and the worst with him and see whether or not he can prevail.

Being Evel: Initial Release Date – January 25, 2015

During the 1970’s, Evel Knievel was known as one of the most outstanding daredevils. Although, for some people Evel was not a daredevil instead, he was a hero to those who needed a hero at the time. Knievel’s rise to fame was not due to his gasping stunts, the rise to fame was due to his less than reputable reputation. Knievel was not an honest man or even a law abiding citizen in the 1970’s, this documentary goes in-depth to show his life, what happened, and how he rose to fame quickly.

The Widowmaker: Release Date – February 27, 2015

Highlighting the story of preventionist and interventionist technology within the cardiology world dating back as far as 60 years ago. The battles between insurance companies, the American Heart Association, doctors, inventors, and anyone who has an interest in pet technology gaining traction. The Widowmaker takes an in-depth look into greed, scientific methods, and how it can affect millions of people and their families every day. This documentary is great for learning more about cardiology and the surrounding concerns.

Going Clear Scientology and the Prison of Belief: Release Date – March 12, 2015

Your thoughts and feelings are no longer your own and you no longer belong to yourself. You have no sense of independency or capable of making your own decisions because now you are facing your own matrix version. Once you belong to a cult you no longer belong to yourself. Take an inside look at the cult that imprisoned so many minds and corrupted their thoughts. Exposing the truth about the cult, how members survived, and even escaped to fight for the right to make their own decisions.

The Damned Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead: Initial Release – March 18 ,2015

The Damned is the first United Kingdom punks on wax that has crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The documentary features appearances by Chrissie Hynde, Mick Jones (The Clash), Lemmy and members of Pink Floyd, Black Flag, GNR, the Sex Pistols, and many more. The documentary was shot in many locations across the globe over the course of three years. Chasing bands and highlighting their history, struggles, and infighting. This is a great documentary to learn more about some of your favorite bands.

3 And ½ Minutes- Release Date: June 19, 2015

Black Friday is typically known as the day to save money but, on Black Friday 2012 it was the day that changed one life and one family forever. In a Florida town, parked outside of a gas station two vehicles one with African American teenagers and one middle-aged white man were parked beside one another. As a conversation started it soon turned into an argument with words exchanged ending with 10 bullets being fired at the unarmed teenager’s vehicle. In less than four minutes, what seemed like a casual conversation turned deadly leaving 17-year-old Jordan Davis dead with three gunshot wounds. In this documentary the set of events are reconstructed to highlight the possibility of racial prejudice that lead to such a tragedy.

Cartel Land: Release Date – July 3, 2015
In the Mexican state of Michoacan you will find a doctor named Dr. Jose Mireles or El Doctor. Dr. Mireles is known for leading an autodefensas which is a citizen uprising that is going against one of the most dangerous drug cartel known as Templar. Across the border on the American side along the Arizona’s Altar Valley, you will find a man named Tim Nailer Foley, who is a veteran heading up a group known as the Arizona Border Recon with only one mission in mind, to stop Mexico’s drug wars from entering American soil.

Kurt Cobain Montage of Heck: Release Date – August 7, 2015

As you go inside an in-depth look into Kurt Cobain’s life you are educated on his childhood, music career, and untimely death. Kurt was born February 20, 1967, quickly growing up to be a musician with talents that lead him to become a lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for the rock band Nirvana. As the fame lifestyle tore at him, Kurt turned to heroin becoming addicted and eventually struggling with depression. On April 8, 1996, his wife Courtney Love, returned back home in Seattle to find Kurt dead from a self-inflected shotgun wound to the head.

Meru: Release Date – August 14, 2015

Located above the Ganges River in Northern India is a 21,000 feet mountain with Shark Fin’s known as Mount Meru. The mountain wall is not only irresistible but, a nightmare to climb with the obstacles found on the side of the Meru. In October 2008, three of the world’s toughest climbers, renowned alpinist Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, and Renan Ozturk took off to on a mission to conquer Meru on a seven-day trip. The trip quickly turned into a 20-day nightmare struggling against the exposure of sub-zero temperatures.

Racing Extinction: Release Date- September 18, 2015

From global warning, the greenhouse effect, and now extinction with species our world as we know it is fighting to exist every day. Everyday a human kills another endangered species from our planet putting a strain on our survival. In a race across over 200 countries, Filmmaker Louie Psihoyos along with a group of activists, scientists, and other people searching to expose hidden stores behind mankind’s role in species extinction. The Racing Extinction is definitely the best documentary of 2015 with the exposed truths about our planet.