Horror Movies 2015

Best Upcoming Horror Movies of 2015

There is no better thrill than good friends, popcorn, and watching some of the best horror movies of 2015 that has released. Horror movies not only provide you with sitting on the edge of your seat moments but, screams that will wake the neighborhood. The horror films in 2015 will not leave you disappointed or lacking the terror you will be scared out of your mind. If you are not convinced of the terror check out the top 10 scariest films in 2015 below.

Spring: Release Date- January 24, 2015

Taking a trip to a faraway place is considered adventurous and romantic but, when one person falls in love it can be anything except romantic. Lou Tayer Pucci unexpectedly takes a trip to Italy where he meets a genetics student (Nadia Hilker). It seems as if the two are destined for each other except for one major problem. Nadia is not as human as most women are. It is too late for Lou as he has fallen madly in love with her.

The House on Pine Street: Initial Release Date- February 28, 2015

Learning you are expecting a child is normally a joyous time for any woman but, for Jennifer (Emily Goss), it is not what she wanted. After having to deal with the move away from Chicago the last thing Jennifer needs is to be pregnant right now on top of her psychological problems. Jennifer and husband Luke (Taylor Bootles), move into a home that is about to give Jennifer even more complications on top of what she is already dealing with. The problem with the house is that Jennifer believes it is haunted but, to her husband and mother she is just having another mental breakdown. Eventually, Jennifer begins believing her husband and mother maybe right and everything could be all in her head. Is the house haunted or is Jennifer crazy?

It Follows: Release Date- March 27, 2015

Taking the next step in your relationship typically does not have dire consequences but, when you are Jay (Maika Monroe) the consequences are even more terrifying. After having sex with her boyfriend Hugh (Jake Weary), Jay, learns of a horrible fatal curse that has been passed down from victim to victim. As Jay seeks help from family and friends they only believe she is paranoid refusing to help. Jay is left to fight for her life in the hopes to win against the monster after her. Soon, Jay’s family and friends believe her as they themselves see the phantom assassin that is coming to murder her.

Before I Wake: Initial Release Date- June 4, 2015

Adopting a child is a dream come true for some couples which most do not believe anything horribly can go wrong but, for this couple everything goes wrong. Jessie (Kate Bosworth) and Mark (Thomas Jane) not only fall in love with 8-year-old Cody (Jacob Treblay), they plan on adopting him. Unaware of Cody’s tremendous fear of sleeping Jessie and Mark force the boy to sleep and then, the problems begin. They first believed that the problems they were seeing were only due to the home and family Cody was with previously that everything would settle down soon enough. They were dead wrong! Jesse and Mark soon find out that Cody never sleeps because once he falls asleep and begins dreaming his dreams manifest into reality. Can Jessie and Mark face the horrors within Cody’s mind and discover the truth behind his nightmares before it is too late?

Insidious Chapter 3: Release Date- June 5, 2015

When your dead mother is trying to reach out and contact you what are you going to do? Teenager, Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) believes her dead mother is trying to contact her so Quinn sets off in search of a gifted psychic who can help her. Quinn comes across Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye) a psychic with a tragic past reluctant to help even though Elise is the most gifted psychic in the field. After Quinn is attacked by a malevolent entity while trying to contact her mother, her father (Dermot Mulroney) steps in hoping to convince Elise to help. As Elise tries to contact Quinn’s mother by going into The Further, she connects with something much more dangerous than the mother, an entity only out for destruction.

We Are Still Here: Release Date- June 5, 2015

After Paul (Andres Senseig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton) tragically lose their son in an automobile accident they decide to leave New York and their past to move to the countryside and start over. Unfortunately, leaving their past behind is more difficult that the two think. Paul and Anne had hoped they had chosen a quiet, normal, all-American town but, the town is hiding a very dark secret. The home is even worse off than the town as it is filled with ghosts not wanting to leave. Now, Paul and Anne must face their past and hope in the process everything will go away for good.

Sinister 2: Release Date- August 21, 2015

Following the sequel of Sinister one, Sinister 2 offers new actors and new horrors. Courtney Collins (Shannyn Sossamon) and her two twin boys Dylan and Zach (Robert Daniel Sloan and Dartanian Sloan), have chosen to move to a small rural home that has seen its fair share of death. As the town deputy discovers that a new family has moved in he raises to beat time and save the Collins family from falling victim to the demon Dhughul.

Hidden: Initial Release Date- September 15, 2015

It has been 301 days of living in a cement prison for Ray (Alexander Skarsgard), Claire (Andrea Riseborough), and their seven-year-old daughter Zoe (Emily Alyn Lind). The family has been surviving in their bomb shelter ever since the devastation hit their town. Once, they lived in a typically normal town known as Kingsville, North Carolina but, now it is nothing like it was. Only fear and death surrounds their town. The family does everything it can to avoid what is walking at night but, eventually their safe haven is compromised and they must fight for their lives.

The Green Inferno: Release Date- September 25, 2015

Being a fresh high school graduate attending college is exciting and scary but, not as bad as attending college in New York and being the daughter of a lawyer. Justine (Lorenza Izzo) meets Alejandro (Ariel Levy) a student activist protesting underpaid janitors with a hunger strike. Justine eventually develops a crush for Alejandro who has convinced her to join him in his next project to save the Amazon. Justine soon regrets her design to join him when the airplane crashed somewhere in the Peruvian jungle. Soon after the crash those who survived are captures by a hungry cannibal’s tribe looking for something to eat. Will Justine and the other survivors of the plane crash manage to survive the tribe as well?

Krampus: Release Date- December 4, 2015
As the holiday season approaches we are reminded of how magical this time of year is, but for one ancient European folklore who is more concerned with the many things that could go wrong this Christmas nothing seems to be right. The folklore warns of a horned beast known as Krampus who finds joy in punishing naughty children at Christmas time. Unfortunately, a dysfunctional family causes a young boy, Max (Emjay Anthony), to lose his Christmas spirit and let lose the feared demon. Now with Krampus on the loose the Engel home full of Mom (Toni Collette), Pop (Adam Scott), Sister (Stefania LaVie Owen) and a brother that must either band together or meet the fate of the demon.