Action Movies 2016

Upcoming Action and Thriller Movies Releasing in 2016

While 2016’s comic book movies will undoubtedly be providing some of the year’s finest spectacle, there are many other movies that could make the cut when it comes to the top action films of 2016. Michael Bay returns with his latest movie; 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, which is due to hit cinemas in January. Another early release in need of a mention when it comes to  2016 thriller films is The Finest Hours which takes place during a brutal storm.
The best action movies of 2016 are likely to include a number of epics, most notable at the moment is Gods of Egypt, released in February. London Has Fallen is also worth a mention for those who enjoyed 2013 movies Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down. The best non-comic book action movie of the year could very well be The 5th Wave which sees a girl and her brother on the run after a series of earth-shattering disasters.

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The Finest Hours – Release Date: January 29th 2016
The Finest Hours Movie
Set in February of 1952, The Finest Hours depicts a real life daring rescue attempt that took place off the coast of Cape Cod. After oil tankers SS Fort Mercer and SS Pendleton are ripped in half during a brutal storm, coast guards set out on a small lifeboat to go and rescue the trapped crew. The four members of the team must work their hardest to save 30 men who are completely helpless under the force of the 70-foot waves. The storm remains as one of the worst on record for the New England area.

Triple 9 – Release Date: February 19th 2016
Triple 9 Movie 2016
John Hillcoat’s Triple 9 features an all-star cast which includes Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Aaron Paul, Woody Harrelson, and Kate Winslet. The movie depicts the antics of a group of criminals and corrupt cops who find themselves in trouble after they are blackmailed by the Russian mafia into carrying out an intricate heist. As part of their strategy, the team eventually decide that their most effective plan of action involves wiping out a rookie cop across town in a bid to distract police from the heist taking place at the same time as the murder.

Gods of Egypt – Release Date: February 26th 2016
Gods of Egypt Movie
Action legend Gerard Butler stars in this adventure movie set in Egypt where he plays Set; a god of darkness who has claimed the throne for himself. It is up to a mere mortal named Bek to save the people and return the world the peace but this is a dangerous task as few have been brave enough to stand up to Set let alone attempt to seize his power. Fuelled by his love for a woman taken captive by the god of darkness, Bek and his ally Horus go on a mission to change things in Egypt once and for all.

London Has Fallen – Release Date: March 4th 2016
the top action films releasing in 2016
Gerard Butler stars in another of 2016’s top action picks, this time as Mike Banning; a man tasked with helping stop a terrorist attack targeted at all of the word leaders attending the funeral of a British prime minister. Despite having extremely high security, the event becomes the site of panic for secret service agents who discover the assassination plan. Aaron Eckhart stars as Benjamin Asher, the U.S. president, and British actress Charlotte Riley plays and MI6 agent who is suspicious of everyone who crosses her path. Together Asher, Banning, and the agent must find a way to stop the terrorists before it is too late.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Release Date:  March 25, 2016
Batman V Superman Movie 2016
While the danger to mankind has only increased following the destruction of Metropolis in Man of Steel, two DC legends ferociously cross paths as Gotham City’s masked vigilante, Batman, goes off to make up his own mind on whether or not the god-like Superman is a help or hindrance to an already crumbling world. While the two fiercely face off against each other, the helpless watch on as a new danger emerges and the future of the human race begins to look terrifyingly bleak. Batman v Superman is the first time that the two iconic characters have crossed paths in a live action film.

Hardcore Henry – Release Date: April 8th 2016
Hardcore Henry Movie
A first person shooter film? Done and done. Hardcore Henry, the ambitious debut release of indie rocker-turned-director Ilya Naishuller, hones all the intensity typically reserved for video games and channels it into a raucous descent into over-the-top action. Told from the perspective of titular badass Henry, Hardcore fuels a Queen-themed journey of revenge when rival baddies kidnap wife Estelle (Haley Bennett) and leave him (or us) for dead. Backed by armed cool guy Jimmy (Sharlto Copley), the one man wrecking crew sets out on a dazzling technical achievement of up-close action. The story isn’t exactly original in content, but Hardcore remains a POV sight to see.

Criminal – Release Date: April 15th 2016
Criminal Movie 2016
Criminal tells the story of a former death row inmate who is given a microchip and implanted with the memories and skills of a dead CIA agent. The aim of implanting the ex con with the chip is to have him complete a dangerous mission that the agent was unable to finish. A different body brings many unwanted side effects, however, as the convict is unpredictable and precarious which brings about many unwanted dangers. The film stars some big names including Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gary Oldman, and Tommy Lee Jones and is directed by Israeli filmmaker Ariel Vromen.

The Huntsman – Release Date:  April 22nd 2016
The Huntsman Movie 2016
This part spin-off, part prequel of Snow White and the Huntsman sees Eric and Sara under the control of Freya the Ice Queen. While attempting to build up a deadly army in a remote wintery palace, Freya discovers that the pair have broken her one rule that warriors should never fall in love. After they are banished from her kingdom, the two must fight to be reunited as Freya learns of the death of her sister Ravenna and hopes to resurrect her by using her magic mirror. Working together the sisters pose more threat to the land than ever before and its down to Eric and Sara to fight them.

Snowden – Release Date: May 13th 2016
Snowden Movie 2016
As the title suggests, this latest Oliver Stone biopic retells the true story of Edward Snowden who made headlines in June 2013 when he revealed classified information from the National Security Agency to The Guardian newspaper. Snowden, played here by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, was a computer professional who worked for the CIA and had access to thousands of classified documents which he believed had to be seen by the public. The events depicted in the film are based on the books The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man and Time of the Octopus.

The Free State of Jones – Release Date: May 13th 2016
The Free State of Jones Movie 2016
Set in the Civil War, The Free State of Jones depicts the true struggle of poor Mississippi farmer Newton Knight, played by Matthew McConaughey, who found himself in charge of a group of anti-slavery deserters while rebelling against the Confederacy. After he survives the Battle of Corinth, Knight leads the men across Jones County to start their rebellion. On his journey Knight ends up marrying a former slave girl and creating the first mixed race community in the region. His fight continues well into the post-war period as he faces the KKK and promotes Reconstruction-era change.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows – Release Date: June 3rd 2016
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows Review
The kings of cowabunga come back in this sequel to Michael Bay’s CGI-tastic reboot. Last time fans spotted the turtles, they had teamed up with reporter April O’Neil (Megan Fox) and saved the day from the irredeemable Shredder (Brian Tee). Now, it seems, things have gotten even gnarlier. Coming into conflict with the unflappable Dr. Baxter Stockman (Tyler Perry), the turtles and their cheese-loving sensei Splinter (Tony Shalhoub) to thwart man-made mutants Bebop (Gary Anthony Williams) and Rocksteady (Stephen Farrelly). It helps, of course, that April and hockey stick wielder Casey Jones (Stephen Amell) also enter the fold as indispensable allies. Now all that’s needed is some pizza.

The Purge: Election Year – Release Date: July 1st 2016
The Purge Election Year Review
Picking up where 2013’s Anarchy left off, this third Purge outing finds antihero Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) warding off savage attacks while trying to protect a politician with unpopular beliefs. As a strict advocate of ending the yearly violence, Senator Charlene Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) has been set-up by her enemies, and it’s up the old battle-axe Barnes to save the day while carrying the power to end the purge once and for all. Whether or not this will be the conclusion of the series remains to be seen – but, if the success of director James DeMonaco continues, fans might get to see another one in a few years.

Jason Bourne – Release Date: July 29th 2016
Jason Bourne 2016
Following in the tense security of it’s character, the plot of Jason Bourne has yet to be fully divulged to the public. The former hit-man has already taken down various assassins and organizations throughout his escapades, while inspiring a spinoff film (The Bourne Legacy) and worldwide stardom for actor Matt Damon. Thing is, these glory days date back nearly a decade, so it’s going to be interesting to see what Damon and director Paul Greengrass (The Green Zone, Captain Phillips) are able to stir up with the aid of incoming Oscar winners Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander. Ball’s in your court, Bourne.

Mechanic: Resurrection – Release Date: August 26th 2016
Mechanic Resurrection Movie
Picking up a handful of years after the events of 2011’s The Mechanic, Resurrection discovers a disillusioned Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) going it alone. His partner, Steve McKenna (Ben Foster), is long gone, and a career as a top-notch hitman no longer interests the chrome-domed killer. Until, of course, an incentive is kidnapped and the stakes are irreversibly raised. The incentive in this case, is Bishop’s girlfriend, and stakes consist of three practically impossible assassinations set to occur at various points across the globe. As a result, the vet must steady his aim and take upon his toughest task yet.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – Release Date: October 21st 2016
Jack Reacher Never Go Back Movie
Contrary to it’s title, movie legend Tom Cruise is back as unkillable assassin Jack Reacher. Aided by the efforts of writer/director Edward Zwick, Never Go Back trails the former CIA agent to Virginia where he intends to reunite with love interest Susan. Unfortunately, she is nowhere to be found, and Reacher finds himself caught between potential deployment back into battle and a daughter he never knew he had. Plenty to chew on for viewers and critics alike, as Cruise’s smug charisma will find new ways to flesh out Lee Child’s famous literary creation. And judging from the impressive box office of 2012’s original adaptation, this might not be the last time we see Jack Reacher holding the reins.

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