Birth Day: 1986-05-06

Place of birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tyler Hynes was born in Toronto Canada. He is an accomplished actor, director, producer, editor, writer. Tyler got his Professional start at the age of 8 during a 72 performance run of the Musical Stage Production of "A Christmas Carol," followed by the Cross Canada Tour of The Who's Rock Opera "Tommy" playing the role of 10 year old Tommy. After getting his start in Theater, he moved in front of the camera with his first feature film "Little Men" starring Mariel Hemingway. He then went on to star in various television and film productions, alongside the likes of Tim Roth, Andie MacDowell, James Franco, Sienna Miller, Henry Cavil, Elliot Page, Billy Bob Thornton and more. Nominated "fan favorite" as a teen, Tyler starred in the 24 episode run of the TV Series "Tales from the Never Ending Story" as Atreyu and as "The Chosen One" in "Peter Benchley's Amazon" for 26 episodes. He then turned in Award Nominated performances in Disney's "The Other Me" and "Terrorized by Teens: The Jonathan Wamback Story" which told the real life story of a young man bullied and beaten and left with permanent brain damage which gained Major National Media attention, launching anti bullying town halls and a TV blitz across Canada. As an adult he further cultivated his acting craft as a regular on such TV series "Saving Hope," "The Firm" based on the John Grisham's novel, critically acclaimed Police drama "19-2" and the Emmy winning Lifetime series "Unreal." He also enjoyed guest starring roles on NCIS, Flashpoint, Rookie Blue, Transporter, Star Trek:Discovery, etc. - some of which earning Award recognition. Recently, his standout performance as Sgt. Reece in the WWII Feature "Recon" has been lauded by critics. This character is in great contrast to his sudden rise as one of Hallmark Channel's top leading men bringing a unique and refreshing approach to the genre. All while appearing, and contrasting further still, on Hulu's breakout comedy series "Letterkenny." Hynes plays the lovable Dierks, the antagonist to Letterkenny's most beloved star Jared Keeso, Hynes's friend and former co-star in 19-2. A fan of filmmaking as a whole, Tyler has expanded into directing, writing and producing. Some of his short film credits include "Help Doug Recycle" a 40 minute documentary about a homeless man struggling with substance abuse while recycling to make ends meet, the dark coming of age drama "Firefly" and "AFK_", a proof of concept funded by BELL Media as part of a television pitch piece. Upon the release of "AFK_" online it earned praise with features on taste-maker websites like "short of the week" among others. With notoriety growing behind the camera Tyler was then getting requests to helm music videos for multi-platinum and Grammy winning artists. Seeing it as an opportunity to test his craft, Tyler wrote, directed, produced and edited over a dozen music videos for artists such as multi-platinum/Grammy nominated Shaun Frank, Coachella headlining Rezz and others. These videos earned features on sites like Billboard and nominations in Award shows like the "Much Music Video Awards". From a World War II drama, to a unique hit comedy series, a romantic fan favorite, to his work behind the lens, Hynes is seeing a diversity in the industry shared by few.