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Zelená púšť The average European has never been as responsible for the devastation of tropical rainforests as he is today. What causes it and can we prevent it? Michal Gálik's documentary Green Desert, which takes us to the tropical island of Borneo, will not only provide us with the answer to these questions, but will also tell us the startling secret that the palm oil industry hides. The film Green Desert gives a real-life account of the problems caused by oil palm cultivation in Borneo. The documentary is not just a story about palm oil, it is also a story about global responsibility and how we, as consumers, have enormous power in our hands when our purchasing decisions can affect what happens on the other side of the planet. The viewer gets the opportunity to delve deeper into the issue through real stories and interviews with local people and experts.

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Status: Released

Release Date: 2012-06-14

Geners Documentary

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Production Countries Czech Republic,Slovakia,

Run time: 60 minutes

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