Crying フリーマン4 雄首冬獄

Crying フリーマン4 雄首冬獄 Naitai, the evil head of the Great Bear God religion, hatches a plot to destroy the 108 Dragons. His henchman, Oshu Togoku, the world wrestling champion, squeezes Ron Tayan unconscious in a match; the ambulance taking Ron to hospital is actually driven by Kimie, one of Ron's old enemies. She takes him to Naitai's stronghold where he has prepared a clone of Ron whom he intends to send, like a Trojan horse, onto the yacht of the 108 Dragons. Can Ron foil the plot? Will Fu recognize the clone or be fooled? What of Oshu Togoku, can anyone defeat him? And who, or what, can stand up to Naitai's sorcery?

Average Score : 58

Status: Released

Release Date: 1991-09-01

Geners Animation

Production Companies Toei Animation Aies

Production Countries Japan,

Run time: 50 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --