Дети века

Дети века The picture tells the story of Maria, a devoted wife of a bank employee. The couple has a cozy life; they have a baby but he is cared for by their maid so Maria can spend her time doing terrific things like going shopping. During one of these consumer afternoons, Maria meets by chance an old friend, Lidia, who will introduce her to exclusive idle class social circles. Soon Maria's beauty attracts the interest of Lebedev, a rich old libertine. From that point on Maria suffers continual sexual harassment (worthy of inclusion in any silent film encyclopedia article on beleaguered heroines) which she resists for a time. In the end, however, she falls into his bourgeois claws.

Average Score : 46.67

Status: Released

Release Date: 1915-12-02

Geners Drama Romance

Production Companies A. Khanzhonkov and Co.

Production Countries Russia,

Run time: 62 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --