Ať žije republika

Ať žije republika Oldrich is the runt of his village, beaten by his father, bullied by the other boys. But he has imagination on his side, and a wiry toughness they can’t defeat. The village is in turmoil, because the Nazi occupiers have just retreated and the Red Army is advancing. Oldrich dodges amid the mayhem and panic, taking his share of blows but always managing to stay one step ahead. Beautifully shot and darkly ironic, Karel Kachyna’s forgotten masterpiece jumbles reality, memory and fantasy to capture the intensity and confusion of childhood in a war zone.

Average Score : 78

Status: Released

Release Date: 1965-11-05

Geners War Drama

Production Companies Československý armádní film Filmové studio Barrandov

Production Countries Czechoslovakia,

Run time: 134 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --