Naturally Native

Naturally Native Naturally Native follows the lives, loves, pain, joy and relationships of three sisters as they attempt to start their own business. Of American Indian ancestry, but adopted by white foster parents as young children, each sister has her own identity issues and each has chosen a very different career path. Now dedicated to starting a Native cosmetic business, they attempt to overcome obstacles both in the business world and in the home. A touching love story of family and culture, Naturally Native also interweaves a subtle, but strong wake-up call regarding the treatment of Native people in corporate America. Naturally Native also provides some insight into tribal infrastructure and gaming issues.

Average Score : 60

Sometimes When You're Going Home, It's Important To Know Where You've Come From...

Status: Released

Release Date: 1999-10-08

Geners Drama

Production Companies Red-Horse Native Productions

Production Countries United States of America,

Run time: 107 minutes

Budget: $700,000

Revenue: $10,508