The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall

The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall After Tom Hurndall is shot in the head in Gaza, his parents Anthony and Jocelyn arrive in Israel wanting to know how it could have happened. They expect sympathy and cooperation from the Israeli authorities, but are instead met with an official explanation that fails to tally with any eye-witness accounts, and a wall of silence. When an Israeli army report attempts to whitewash the incident, the Hurndalls decide the only way to establish the truth is to launch their own investigation into the shooting, a process which brings them face to face with both the Open-Fire regulations of the Israeli army in Gaza, and the soldier who pulled the trigger.

Average Score : 68

Status: Released

Release Date: 2008-10-13

Geners Drama Thriller Mystery

Production Companies Talkback Thames

Production Countries United Kingdom,

Run time: 90 minutes

Budget: --

Revenue: --