Highlander II: The Quickening

Highlander II: The Quickening In the year 2024, the ozone layer is believed to have been destroyed, and it's up to MacLeod and Ramirez to set things right. Opposition comes from both the planet Ziest (MacLeod and Ramirez's homeworld) and a corporation profiting from the supposed lack of ozone. Also, flashbacks show the story behind MacLeod and Ramirez's exile from Ziest.

Average Score : 47.09

It's time for a new kind of magic.

Status: Released

Release Date: 1991-01-13

Geners Fantasy Action Adventure Thriller

Production Companies Davis-Panzer Productions Harat Investments Lamb Bear Entertainment Interstar Highlander Productions Limited J&M Entertainment

Production Countries United Kingdom,United States of America,

Run time: 90 minutes

Budget: $34,000,000

Revenue: $15,600,000