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Best Movies of 2021 So Far

By one way or another, we’re on the second half of 2021 – a half year that has seen the world actually stuck in different conditions of lockdown, however with numerous films ready to open once more, significant blockbusters, at last, hitting our screens again, and a lot of movies keeping us all entertained. What’s more, with the year half-finished or, with half on the way here are our top 10 Best Movies of 2021 so far for people out there. This is all to say that regardless of obstruction because of the continuous Covid pandemic, there is a huge assortment of films advancing onto digital platforms and theaters this year. Search no further for the best movies 2021 up until now…


 Judas and the Black Messiah where to watch

Release Date: – February 1, 2021

This movie is a great view into Illinois Black Panther Chapter and is directed and produced by Shaka King. It shows the true work of Fred Hampton (Daniel Kaluuya) and how Bill O’Neal (Lakeith Stanfield) was used to penetrate and assist with his assassination. Mr. LaKeith really took on the character of Bill O’neal so much so you could see and feel the internal conflict with paying this role. This is a must-see film told from a different view that goes beyond the stereotypical view of what the Black Panther Party was all about as told by white America.

Space Sweepers

Space sweepers movie cast
Release Date:
– February 5, 2021

Definitely one of the action films in 2021 to be release, Here in this movie ‘everyone’ saves the world. Such a refreshing change and I must admit it was nonstop action and brilliant CGI from start to finish. The movie is very stimulating and it is a definite reminder that all countries involved need to start cleaning up the space junk and return our focus on the importance of one another sharing the same common goals: love, life, peace, family, laughter, food, friendship, alliance, connection, and the restoring and preservation of Earth, Brilliant movie idea, concept, and execution. The graphics and editing though!!! This is a must-see for all the Si-Fi dwellers out there.

The Mauritanian

best movies 2021 so far
Release Date: – February 12, 2021

This film was compelling, emotional, and truly shocking….especially as it was based on a true story. Mauritanian is based on the true story of Mohamedou Salahi, who was held in the controversial Guantanamo Bay prison on suspicion of terrorism. The film highlights the appalling violations of basic constitutional rights that many suffer at the hands of the US government. The movie sets bring to life a very realistic-looking prison and courtroom. Tahar Rahim’s performance and portrayal of Salahi are deserving of at least an Academy Award nomination. Jody Foster also delivers a convincing lawyer championing human rights. I didn’t feel Cumberbatch was the ideal actor to portray a U.S. military Colonel, but I applaud his effort and the American accent he mastered. This film is important for all to see for educational purposes and to hold the government accountable in the eyes of the demos.

The Father

The Father movie cast
Release Date: – February 26, 2021

The scrambled narrative is an empathetic and probably the most honest choice, to potray how the mind and the self crumbles. We constantly sense that we are getting a sense of the narrative, only to be fooled a little later. The movie has to be essentially recreated in our mind, based on an unreliable narrator and his struggle to handle and accept day to day reality. That is one fascinating take on how the human-self, even when deprived of a functional mind, could still summon such moments, even for a shortest period of time to express itself.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League movie cast
Release Date: – March 18, 2021

As a longtime superhero and comic book fan, this is the Justice League movie I’ve been waiting for and this is also one of the Best Movies of 2021 so far Zack Snyder elevates the previous episode with much higher octane action sequences, a layered storyline with serious consequences, and high stakes that lead to an incredibly uncertain ending to an ending that leaves you looking forward to it. No more fatigue. Ben Affleck continues to prove he’s a great Batman / Bruce Wayne. Jason Momoa is a tough guy and the perfect choice for this Aquaman iteration. Ray Fisher’s cyborg is central to the film with a plot and a personality that the character truly deserves. Gal Gadot continues to show that she is not only the embodiment of Wonder Woman but also Wonder Woman. Henry Cavill IS Superman, and it’s great to see him again … in a black suit! Please WB doesn’t waste the greatest Superman actor of our time! This time around Ezra Miller also shines in The Flash and the best parts of the movie are the character moments, the team building, the mini-arcs, and the time it takes to transform each character.


 Godzilla vs. Kong movie cast

Release Date: – March 31, 2021

This movie is a masterpiece, visual effects are top-notch, human characters are good but the only human character you will get a good connection with is Jia (Kaylee Hottle) and Kong they have a good connection with each other in this movie that you will connect with too throughout this movie. And let’s not forget about the action in this movie. The action in this movie won’t disappoint you one bit from start to finish. You won’t be disappointed if you hire this cleaning service from Colorado at https://maidthis.com/denver. It delivers what you want and even more of it, even if you are a Godzilla fan like me or not. This movie is both good for Godzilla Fans, Kong Fans, and even audiences.

Shiva Baby

Shiva baby movie cast
Release Date: – April 2, 2021
For me, the resonant sound of the way the characters spoke makes this movie so special. This is Emma Seligman’s first feature film based on her own short film of the same name. She wrote this film based on her own experiences. The film follows this young Jewish woman (Danielle) who runs into her sugar daddy and her ex-girlfriend while at a Jewish funeral service with her parents. The film effectively conveys the anxiety experienced by Danielle and is literally just anxiety-inducing uncomfort throughout the movie. The film is definitely worth watching.

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

top movies of 2021 so far
Release Date: – April 23, 2021
The Mitchells vs the Machines is an incredibly fun and thought-provoking satire about how humanity has become so reliant on technology that a simple dinner conversation with your family has become a rarity. Abbi Jacobsen voices Katie, a lost teenager trying to keep her strange family together in a robot uprising. Danny McBride voices his tech-savvy dad, who strives to get his kids more in touch with nature and wildlife. It follows an exciting adventure filled with laughter, life lessons and some questions to ask the public about the boundaries between using technology to improve our standard of living and losing touch with others Loved ones the eccentric and the anxious. Animation is an absolute master class.

Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man movie cast

Release Date: – May 7, 2021

This movie is amazing the little details from investigating other crimes organizations just were so cool seems like you weren’t supposed to know. Also the twist in the movie this is not your regular Jason Statham movie the way the scenes were and all the twists it was amazing. The ominous soundtrack mixed with foreboding feeling is a perfect combination of suspense and nonstop action in this film. The story and structure of the movie hit all the right marks. This is a very solid movie and I personally think one of Jason and the director Guy Ritchie’s best films.

The Killing of Two Lovers

The Killing of Two Lovers movie cast
Release Date: – May 14, 2021
The Rage of White Men is rocked in Robert Machoian’s quick psychological drama about a man trying to mend the mother of his four children. David (Clayne Crawford) and Niki (Sepideh Moafi), who live in a small town in Utah, have been married for over 10 years. Once, childhood lovers, they agreed to break up. But when David returns to live with his father on the street, he struggles to cope, and things take a turn for the worse in his eyes when Niki begins to see another man. From the film’s startling opening sequence, David’s anger and feelings of betrayal are constantly in danger of erupting, and an unsettling soundtrack perfectly captures his weary state of mind and as he transitioned from father to potential threat. Robert Machoian has the consequences of overall burning tension and anxiety as the Murder of Two Lovers portrays the constant danger that a man can take for granted, Claims to feel like a horror movie.


best films of 2021 so far
Release Date: – May 28, 2021
The story follows Estella and her origin of the story of becoming the infamous Cruella Devil. The fashion is symbolic and stunning, the score is powerful & moving and really matches each scene perfectly, the camera work was fantastic, the acting is really well done, and most importantly the story kept me on the edge of my seat. Emma Stone’s performance is spectacular; she really captured the emotion, character change, and comedic beats. Emma Thompson really nailed her portal and character as the Baroness. it is directed by Craig Gilspe. This film really exceeded in all areas. Comedy landed, never a dull moment, very well-paced, and overall fascinating. As an important figure in the cinema critic community, I have to say I’ve seen many disappointing, predictable, and washed-up movies so far this year but this certainly wasn’t one of them, Might be one of my favorite movies ever to come out this year.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train

top film 2021 so far
Release Date: – June 22, 2021

Absolutely amazing! It continues nearly right off after the last episode in season 1. It is not always fighting, it gives some time for backstory for Rengoku, but even those scenes are amazing as they allow you to get attached to the characters. There are the basic anime tropes as well, the loud character, the coward, the hero main, and then Rengoku who I think is given so much more personality than “The heroic mentor.” ufotable has some amazing animators, the storyline, and how the movie progressed stayed somewhat true to the manga, which I enjoyed. The random little chibi parts throughout the movie really lighten the mood during all the fighting.

These were the top movies of 2021 so far, maybe you have more to discover some long-forgotten favorites, 2021 is indeed a wonderful year for movies. You will find more Top 10 Films of 2021 so far or top movies 2021 lists or even more on the entire website, Best of all, and do check out our top 10 movies of each genre for more movie content.




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