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Posted October 21, 2016 by Frank in 2015 Movies

Best Horror Movies on Netflix for Halloween 2016

Netflix Halloween Movies

The Top 20 Must Watch Horror Movies this Halloween On Netflix

October is the season of fright. Against the backdrop of rain, fallen leaves, cold weather and spooky decorations there is no better time to sit down and enjoy some of the most frightening movies Netflix has to offer this Halloween. So we’ve curated a list of some of the biggest scares and mind twisting psychological thrillers you you can experience just by owning a Netflix account. Whether you’re into zombies, murderers, ghost, ghouls, vampires or just plain old fashioned jump scares. We’ve got you covered and these movies are sure to stick with you long after your TV has been turned off. So sit back, shut off the lights and get ready for the 20 scariest horror films you can watch on Netflix right NOW!

The Awakening – 2011
Taking place in post WWI England, this movie centers around a paranormal researcher and debunker, haunted by the death of her fiance. She is sent to a boys boarding school to investigate a series of disturbances and disappearances. Beginning by laying traps and machines to gather scientific evidence in order to dismiss the ideas of the haunting apparitions. She soon becomes faced with a realization that shakes her system of belief to its very core.

Dark Skies – 2013
From the producer of Paranormal Activity and Insidious. This movies revolves around the quintessential suburban family. Leaving a peaceful life, their youngest son soon bears witness to a series of quickly escalating disturbances and visions that before long, begin to effect the rest of the family. Realizing they are being targeted by by a frightening and most likely deadly force. Everyone must face their fears and band together to figure out how to defeat the paranormal intruder.

The Rite – 2011
Halloween Movies 2016
Inspired by a true story, this movie centers around a young priest sent to a special sect of the seminary that teaches the art of exorcism, despite his own doubts about a spirits ability to invade the human mind and soul. Urging his superiors to put aside the idea and instead embrace a more psychological view he is placed under the tutelage of a very unorthodox priest who has preformed thousands of rites, after what he sees his faith may be all he has left to protect him. This movie shows how the devil can reach even the most holy places on earth.

The Amityville Horror – 2005

We’ve all heard of this one. Or more likely, seen it. Which is why it has earned its spot on this list. A movie that can scare viewers time and time again. Newlyweds move into a dream house, learning that it was previously the site of a grisly mass murder. Thinking they got the deal of a lifetime, the begin to realize that if they stay where they are, their lifetime may be much shorter than they originally thought.

V/H/S – 2012
A found footage style movie in which a group of desperate lowlife burglars are hired by a mysterious third party to break into a desolate, rundown house in order to find a retrieve a rare VHS tape. But the group finds themselves faced with a dead body and host of televisions all playing cryptic videos, each more mysterious than the last and detailing an odd series of phenomenon. The group begins to realized that watched in sequence the tapes have a psychological effect on the viewer. But what does that mean for them?

The Uninvited – 2009
A Young woman returns home after a stint in a psychiatric hospital, to find that her ability to recover may be stunted by vast changes on the home front. Her widowed father is now engaged to the nurse of her formally ill mother. Finding her stepmother to be cruel and manipulative, she receives haunting visions of her deceased mother. Demanding revenge for her death. What ensues is a battle of wits and a struggle to determine what is real and what is the figment of a diseased imagination.

Sleepy Hollow – 1999
A film uniquely suited to the dark and strange views of director Tim Burton. This movie follows main character Ichabod Craine, sent to the small town of Sleepy Hollow to apply modern day investigatory techniques to a rash of recent beheadings the townsfolk blame on a deadly apparition known as the “Headless Horseman”. Armoured with a layer of disbelief Ichabod refuses to accept that a ghost is behind these crimes. But what will stand in his way more? His own inability to believe, or en entire town of closely knit people obviously guarding a deadly secret?

The Babadook – 2014
Several years after the violent death of her husband, single mother Amelia is struggling. With her young son rebelling against her every actions, she finds herself nearly unable to raise, and love him. Her son begins to have dreams of a monster he believes is coming to kill them both. Then one day a children’s books called “The Babadook” turns up in their home, and Amelia’s son is convinced that it’s the monster he has been dreaming about. With his aggression and violent outbursts increasing Amelia has no choice but to medicate him. Until she begins to see glimpses of the monster, and realize that maybe her son wasn’t lying. To all those reading this, I’m going to be honest, this movie really gave me chills.

We Are Still Here – 2015
When their teenage son is killed in a car crash. An aging couple moves into a small new England town. Looking to live a life of seclusion and lament the loss of their only child. The family comes to discover that this town, and house, have a dark and terrifying secret. Every 30 years their new home comes alive and the spirits within demand a sacrifice to drag back to hell with them. Now with no escape and unprepared for the haunting that faces them. This couple has to band together and act quickly to save their souls.

Hush – 2016
A deaf writer who moved to the country to enjoy solitude and a slower pace of life, believing her writing would benefit from it. Finds herself ensnared in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a sinister masked assailant. At a severe disadvantage and without the ability to fight back effectively, our main character scrambles for a way out. To find that her assailant is not just your average criminal. This movie really hits its stride half way through, the acting is strong and it’s enthralling to watch these two pit themselves against each other. Both using what they can to their advantage, more a psychological thriller than a horror, but it will still keep you glued to your seat.

Visions – 2015
After moving to a vineyard to start a new life with her husband, a pregnant woman is plagued by visions and hauntings. This is your absolute standard scary movie that offers exactly what it promises. Acceptable acting and some jump scares. What caused its inclusion on the list is that there are no massive character flaws within it, the characters don’t do anything that will cause you to roll your eyes or posses the quintessential horror movie tropes, in this way it offers a refreshing change of pace. So it’s worth a watch.

Dream House – 2011
New York publisher Will quits his successful job to relocate his wife and daughters to a small New England town, moving into what seems like the perfect house. Will finds out that a woman and her children were recently murdered there, and the surviving husband is the prime suspect of the brutal crime. With the help of a neighbour who was close to the family, and the only one not silenced by fear. Will slowly begins to piece together a chain of events that uncover a dark secret which may have best been left alone.

Dead Silence – 2007
A horror/thriller and cult classic. This movie is about a young widower who returns to his hometown determined to find the cause of his late wife’s death. He beings to suspect that it may have something to do with the ghost of a murdered ventriloquist looking for revenge. If you’ve never seen this movie, it’s definitely worth watching. While perhaps not the most overtly scary movie out there. Dead silence will linger with you, or at worse, leave you with a crippling fear of ventriloquist dolls.

The Relic – 1997
When a shipment of artefacts arrives at the Chicago museum, the police find a host of decapitated bodies on the ship in which it was transported. Finding more in the warehouse of the museum itself the police ask to shut down the museum for the time being. Faced with pressure to keep it open for an upcoming gala. Police presence it upped. It’s then discovered that the objects in the crate may contain a virus that caused some sort of creature to evolve into a killing machine and a god amongst animals. What was once a gala for the rich and famous becomes survival of the fittest.

We Are What We Are – 2013
The Parkers are a seemingly perfect family. Reclusive and well composed. But behind close doors patriarch Frank does everything he can to make sure their mysterious family customs are upheld. During a torrential rain pour the mother Emma gets into an accident and passes away. Forcing Frank to put upon his daughters shoulder the sort of responsibilities that no one should have to endure. Meanwhile, as the town begins to flood, the local sheriff pieces together clues that expose the dark secrets this family has held onto for so long.

Children of The Corn – 1984
A physician and his wife are driving across country to start a new life when they discover the body of a young murdered boy lying in the middle of the road near a remote town. Wishing to report the incident to the higher authorities the couple enters the town to find it populated entirely by children. Devote followers of a sinister young preacher the couple has to find a way out quickly when they discover the children want to sacrifice them to their dangerous, demonic entity. This movie is pretty much what would happen if “Lord of the flies” took place in middle America.

Starry Eyes – 2014
We all want to be rich and famous, this movie follows Sarah an aspiring young actress having trouble breaking into her career in Hollywood. Working as a waitress and with everyone against her, she suffers from a disorder where she pulls her hair when stressed. Led linear slot lighting makes the atmosphere better, get yours at Until one day she is offered a very special audition and begins to uncover the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite. A sinister cult, with whom she enters into a deadly agreement in return for fame and fortune beyond belief. But will the reward be worth the cost?

Haunter – 2013
A curious movie that starts as a horror and shifts into more of a thriller. It tells the story of a woman named Lisa who discovers on her 16th birthday that she is stuck in a time loop. Living the same day over and over again. At the end of each day her family is killed. She soon realizes that she’s able to contact other people using the phone. And suddenly a man comes over to fix the phone line, warning her against using it anymore. Lisa discovers that they people she can contact are actually the victims of a murderer named Edgar. Each of whom are stuck in timelines of their own, and that they person repairing the phone may not be who he seems.

Last Shift – 2014
In her first solo shift as a police officer, Jessica is left to wait for a Hazmat team to come pick up some hazardous waste from the station on its last day of operation. What she wasn’t told is that a cult leader and two of his followers haunt the station after he committed suicide exactly one year previously. This rookie cops is going to need every ounce of training is he wants to survive the barrage of paranormal danger that is about to plague her.

Hellraiser – 1987

Frank, a sexual deviant inadvertently opens a portal to hell when he messes around with a box he bought while on a trip abroad. Unleashing a number of demonic beings who tear his body apart and kill him. That is until Frank’s brother and his wife move into Frank’s old house and end up bringing what’s left of him back to life. Frank then convinces the pair to lure young men to the house so he can use their blood to reconstruct himself and bring his body back to its former glory. Many of you reading this have probably seen Hellraiser before, and know that it has aged well.


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