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Green Room 2016 Review

Green Room Movie Review Few films successfully capture the violent fear of death, but director Jeremy Saulnier has eerily done so with Green Room. Following a punk band through their traveling trials and tribulations, Saulnier ...

How to Be Single 2016 Review

Vertice Cinema’s How to Be Single Review Alice (Dakota Johnson), an aspiring writer living in New York, wants to put her monogamous pining on hold for a chance to date around. Robin (Rebel Wilson), the promiscuous party g...

The Witch 2016 Review

The Witch Movie Review 2016 Stillness is often the most frightening action observed in cinema. The intimacy of observing another human being is a perverse thrill every moviegoer delights in, whether they want to admit it or not...
Criminal Movie Poster 2016
Criminal Movie Poster 2016
Criminal Movie Poster 2016

Criminal 2016 Review

Criminal Movie 2016 Review Criminal is the kind of movie that’s distributed straight-to-DVD these days. An outlandish plot, a scrumptious serving of R-rated action, and a cast of guys eager to kick ass and take names. It won’t ...