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The Conjuring 2 Movie Review 2016

The Conjuring 2 Review
James Wan’s The Conjuring was a startling smash hit in 2013. Backed by meticulous attention to detail and an impressive skill for set pieces, director Wan translated the true story of Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) Warren through the most recent addition to the hall of haunted house flicks. Naturally, with such success, the studio was keen on a follow-up, and the resulting reunion of Wan, Wilson, and Farmiga have birthed a bigger, lengthier, if not always better, sequel,

Unlike the first film, The Conjuring 2 takes an increasingly lengthy time to get to the haunting. Instead, viewers are treated with two parallel stories; that of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine, and the Hodgson household, who begin experiencing frightful events by way of their daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe). Wan seems to have grown even fonder of his character since last seen onscreen, and this emphasis on character manages to break up the monotony of a typical horror formula. Wilson and Farmiga, meanwhile, are more than capable performers, bringing a quiet intensity to their respective role that feels very appropriate to their traumatic profession. The only hitch in this risky plot transgression is that it is indulged in for a bit too long, sparking a bit of restlessness in the viewer before the Warrens finally decide to link up with the Hodgsons.

The film truly begins to take shape when the married duo finally enters the house. Here, amidst a little girl with a gravelly voice and religious iconography, Wan showcases precisely why he’s become the successor to the horror film mantle. Upside down crosses, jump scares, and outright creepy imagery are hallmarks of the haunted house subgenre, but Wan wields these tools with such precision that a true sense of fear is often restored to a jaded scary movie audience. It isn’t so much in what’s shown, but when and how it is shown, and the acclaimed filmmaker clearly has no issues when it comes to exorcisms and eerie figures in the hallway. Granted, nothing as iconic as the clapping game from the first film appears, but worthy of applause nonetheless.

Narratively speaking, The Conjuring 2 is standard genre fare, complete with frightened parents and dastardly spirits causing mayhem. It refuses to break from the tried-and-true formula of possession plots, yet even in this familiar stew, the flavors remain terrific. Fans of Wan’s work will find themselves with a feast of clever jumps and elegant style – naysayers will find nothing new to sway their opinion otherwise. It is, by all accounts, a fun summer movie made with enough proficiency to outclass nearly all competition; much like the first film did in 2013. As for The Conjuring 3, which will most likely arise in the next few years, there’s little reason to expect anything different. Familiar, yet different. James Wan has got himself a great formula going. Follow the link to see our top horror films of 2016