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Best Action Movies of 2021 So Far

You know what gets us pumping, a great action movie, explosions, car chases, robberies, frenzied fight choreography – all hallmarks of an adrenaline movie. Live vicariously through your favorite heroes (or villains). Like any other hero, the action movie never gives up. As blockbuster films continue to be pushed back or forced to air, and Hollywood hatches a plan to revive the theatrical distribution industry, it can be difficult to find the best works of the great orthodox act to celebrate. The genre was in a strange space even before the pandemic, with streaks of superheroes and similar tentacles sucking in most of the oxygen. But there are always new discoveries to be made and new gray-haired protagonists to compliment. Here you go with the top 10 action movies in 2021 so far

Boss Level

top 10 action movies of 2021 so far
Release Date: March 5, 2021

From the very beginning, it is impressive this movie although at times the pace of the movie is hindered by rather a dreary exposition. The action, for the most part, is good however FRANK Grillo is Charismatic and Savage in this Movie, and Can’t think of Anyone else Playing this character with the Savageness he had!..And The Screenplay Precisely and very Easily Drafted! Normally Times and Spaces make the movie Complicated but This Movie did it Gracefully Finally, an action hero that fits the bill AND is hot and has a sense of humor…


best action movies 2021 so far
Release Date: March 26, 2021

Odenkirk is a fantastic actor and carries the role of unexpected badass with his usual oomph. I totally believed in him as an action hero, which was surprising. Genius casting. I can’t really put my finger on what makes this so good – I mean the plot is ridiculous, the violence way over the top… but then you’ve got the character’s gleeful urge to chaos, the immortal line ‘give me back the kittykat bracelet’, the fight scene on the bus, the *second* time he gets on the bus, the character-insight ‘I might have overcompensated,’ the guy who played Doc Brown in Back to the Future is over the top awesome. You have the Russian mob because, well, why not? And the pacing is perfect not just for an Action Movies 2021, but for comedy too. The whole thing is just fun. And Odenkirk doesn’t just act it for laughs, there’s pathos in there too. I don’t want to overanalyze it, but it’s a great movie.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat movie cast 2021
Release Date:  April 23, 2021

Everything that you would expect from a film called Mortal Kombat, while simultaneously showing off many beautiful parts of South Australia in an unexpected but gorgeous way, fight scenes are fabulously choreographed and blend in-game moves and callbacks. it is directed by Simon McQuoid It’s definitely aimed squarely at Mortal Kombat fans. In a nutshell, it’s a bunch of wizards kicking each other and wisecracking – with a lot of guts and heads exploding.

Without Remorse

 Tom Clancy's Without Remorse movie cast
Release Date: April 30, 2021

This story has been told a million times through the years. An agent is betrayed by his/her home government and seeks vengeance while political figures are waging a silent war that is clearly portrayed to everyone watching but somehow goes unnoticed to everyone in the actual film while also dropping the ball on the reasoning for why the events are unfolding in the first place. With that being said, I’ve yet to see it portrayed in such a dramatic way, the passion from Michael B. Jordan throughout the entire movie, his fight scenes, and his inventiveness. This story is played out, but the way that it has been portrayed in Without Remorse is completely fresh and we definitely need more stories told in this fashion.

The Paper Tigers

 The Paper Tigers movie cast
Release Date: May 7, 2021

While we were initially taking the movie lightly, we soon found ourselves engaged with the wholesome plot and the throwbacks to old 80s kung fu movies. It had very nice camera work, and considering this movie didn`t have the biggest budget it is a great movie to watch if you`re a kung fu fan and have a free evening. If you are a martial arts movie fan of any kind, you will appreciate this movie. Directed by Bao Tran, It has the plot of aging Gung Fu students who learn that their Si Fu teacher was murdered and the honor of the school must be avenged!.

Army of the Dead

popular action films in 2021 so far
Release Date: May 14, 2021

Army Of The Dead reinvents the Zombie genre and takes it to a whole different level while still keeping the original roots intact. The violence is completely new and is nothing like what we’ve seen before in any Zombie Movie. Dave Bautista is an amazing actor with so many of his acting capabilities unlocked by Zack Snyder along with his style of action makes the movie more enjoyable. The movie has a great story and like every Snyder Movie, it has a great heart and some good storytelling. Although the end could’ve been a bit different it wasn’t disappointing. If y’all are tired of the same Old Zombies and seek something exciting in the genre, this is the movie for you!

Those Who Wish Me Dead

 Those Who Wish Me Dead movie cast
Release date: May 14, 2021

Those Who Wish Me Dead is an engrossing action and thriller movie. The production values, the direction, the acting, and the storyline make the film a very good movie experience. Angelina Jolie and all the other actors are first-rate. Though Ms. Jolie receives sole star billing and remains a formidable presence, the film plays as an ensemble piece. All the actors get a chance to show their talent. The story centers on the themes of transformation, redemption, and retribution. Ms. Jolie’s character (Hannah) has to find her way to free herself from the guilt she carries about a previous fire tragedy. The boy Connor (Finn Little), who stands with her at the center of the story, has to find the courage to survive the obstacles and the dangers that pursue him. Carpentry services in Colorado are brought by handyman connection in fort collins. Other characters stand with them at the center, including Ethan (Jon Bernthal) and his wife Allison (Medina Senghore), and, briefly, Jake Weber, who plays the boy’s father (Owen). The good people in the story have to overcome the villains (Aiden Gillen and Nicholas Hoult). Only in that way can they uphold justice. Only then will they make their world and their future better.


Infinite movie cast
Release Date: June 10, 2021

This film goes through with perfect rhythm. The cinematography was right. The storyline is fun and refreshing with good action sequences. very coherent story with great continuity, fluidity, and efficiency. Antoine Fuqua’s staging was noticed. The cast was pretty good and Wahlberg along with all the other actors worked really well and convincingly. Whatever movie you immerse yourself in Jason Mantzoukas won’t disappoint and his portrayal of a craftsman is sure to attract a few smiles.

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

 Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard
Release Date:  June 16, 2021

It’s a funny piece of art that didn’t have to try too hard with the plot and it worked. Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynold’s relationship in the movie with Salma Hayek in the mix is a trio I didn’t know I needed to see until the hit man’s bodyguard and this sequel lived up to the first movie; if anything, I think it’s funnier than the first one and has enough action to keep you wanting more.

Fast and Furious 9 (F9)

F9 movie cast
Release Date:  June 25, 2021

Fast and Furious 9 is one of the best Fast and Furious films and popular movies of 2021 directed by Justin Lin. As the film title suggests Fast franchise has come to its climax. While other films do not talk about such things, just about crimes and arresting criminals but this film talks about Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) family. It introduces Jakob Toretto (John Cena), Dom’s brother. He joins the Fast 8 villain Cipher and army with a magnetic plane and even stronger weapons. They both, Dom and his team, and Jakob with his army fight to stop each other from getting a secret weapon to control the whole Earth. This film is emotional; it talks about how his father died, and what happened after his father’s death.

The Tomorrow War

 The Tomorrow War movie cast
Release date: July 2, 2021

The Tomorrow War skillfully blends itself into a somewhat different type of movie. The action sequences are gorgeous and clear, peppered with some humor while making use of excellent framing. Jokes or one-liners never seem out of place, nor do they reduce the drama of what you’re seeing on screen to something silly. Also, it’s been a long time since a reveal sequence got under my skin. With a movie all about a war taking place in 2051 where aliens are attacking the earth, it may seem like a stupid premise but it works so well cause the acting is on point, the story is engaging, the writing in my opinion was very good, the action was great, the aliens looked great, and the final act was better than people give it credit for. The way these things move and behave, you can tell a lot of work went into them, had a fun time with it, once I let go of storyline/logistics issues. The story wraps up nicely but there’s a lot to think about or explore with potential universe building, would recommend popcorn and a comfy couch to enjoy it fully. It’s a pity that we couldn’t see this in a theater because this story is big and loud. The clicking never stops, in my opinion, this so far is my favorite movie this year so far, I for sure recommend this movie if u love or do not love sci-fi.

Black Widow

best suspense movie 2021 so far
Release date: July 9, 2021

This Movie Is Amazing, you get to see Black Widow AKA Natasha Romanoff as a young girl with her sister and you get to see what happens to them too. After the first initial credits the movie starts with Black Widow in the aftermath of Captain America Civil War you get to see Black Widow on the run from the authorities and William Hurt and she manages to outwit them and escape each time. But then she is tracked down by someone else and then she goes to find her sister played by Florence Pugh and they quickly become allies and they save their pretend father played by David Harbour and then they go to Their Pretend Mother and the plot is to find the red room and to kill the boss Their and to free all of the Widows and I will not tell you what happens because you will have to see it for yourself. it is an amazing movie with good actors and actresses it’s action-packed, emotional and it has great locations too. It took years and years for Marvel to make a standalone Black Widow movie but they have finally done it and boy they delivered us an amazing movie. Scarlet Johansson and Florence Pugh are amazing together in this movie and the movie just has such a good storyline and it explains really well about Black Widow’s past and about her family and everything.

Sometimes you just need to get out. You just want to watch things explode or collapse, well, we can help you with that. Here are the best Action Movies 2021 if you want to watch new action movies 2021. 2021 is full of best action movies 2021 that are worth watching, and even if you’re not a big fan of gunfire and explosions, you can’t miss the Action Movies 2021 above.




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