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Best Horror Movies 2021 So Far

It may not be about you, but for me, a horror movie would be nice if there was something that could help you escape the dark reality of the world around us. The dark environment makes horror movies very interesting, hoping that you won’t jump up or have a scene in your dreams. It is recommended. Here, fun is a loose term, but the point can be found. And while maybe we are half past 2021, Horror Movies 2021 selection is already a nightmare. Here are the top 10 horror movies in 2021.

Wrong Turn

Best horror movies 2021 so far
Release Date: – January 26, 2021
This movie is pretty good. In the beginning, a group of Millenials takes a hike in the Appalachians in Virginia. They get lost and endure unspeakable horrors at the hands of a sinister paganistic cult. This somewhat unique plot is filled with suspense and terror. The gruesome special effects in this film are brutal and bone-chilling. The scenic design and costumes were convincing. Also, the actors all performed very well with Charlotte Vega’s performance being excellent. This movie is highly entertaining from beginning to almost the end…then it takes an unfortunate last-minute turn for the worse and finishes on a goofy note. Just ignore the finale and you will love the flick.

The Queen of Black Magic

the queen of black magic movie cast
Release Date: – January 28, 2021
There were a few questionable choices that various characters make in this movie. Things that make me say why the hell did they do that? But most movies have those moments. The characters were also rather 2-dimensional for the most part. That’s also not unique, especially when they are simply there to serve the plot of getting whacked. So ultimately, the getting whacked part was the highlight of this movie. It makes the characters fall under the thrall of evil and started self-mutilating. That in itself would get under most people’s skin, but the final few minutes of the climax were even crazier. And though the special effects themselves aren’t groundbreaking, the visualization would definitely satisfy any horror fan’s thirst for the horrifying.

The Vigil

The Vigil movie cast
Release Date: – February 26, 2021
It is more creepy than scary, the central character is a little shaky, wrestling with anxieties, and seems like he might be losing his mind. Nice slow-burner loaded with atmosphere. There are references to Jewish folklore that enhance the spooky goings-on. The actors do a good job of selling the film’s premise as they bring the story to a close. The Vigil is an eerie tale of grief, doubt, and trauma that is well-executed. Though not perfect, The Vigil will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you never want to be alone with a body. A horror film, which has an unusually disturbing and gloomy atmosphere!! The lighting is superbly creepy and horrifying. The beginning light and shade effect of the frames are weird with the contextually well-suited background music, the ending failed to retain the magic Anyway, a good horror movie.

The Unholy

The Unholy movie cast
Release Date: – April 2, 2021
The film itself tells a great story in a credible way, although the horror aspect is not reflected. Tension is definitely there; however, I think the main villain has incarnate too much like an evil spirit from the first act of his execution to when he takes off his mask, which seems superfluous. In any case, the film portrays religion in a positive way, and Mary is not actually the Virgin Mary because it is the most blatant and overlooked example of this positive or negative view of religion. The positive views mainly appear at the end, trying to use the Bible to resolve conflicts and some miracle created by God. The whole movie revolves around a biblical quote.


Bloodthirsty movie cast
Release Date: – April 23, 2021
A young singer who wins the grand prize for her first album feels the pressure to make the second album more powerful. When she was about to work with a new producer, she starts having hallucinations like in the past and she really didn’t want to be treated entirely with medication. As things progressed, these hallucinations were found to be much more than that. Written by Wendy Hirtut and Lowell, directed by Amelia Moses, Bloodthirsty is a classic and temperamental supernatural creature, new on the table in how things unfold and how it affects the protagonist. Bloodthirsty is an intimate take on a familiar theme, providing audiences with fresh work. This is a well-made movie and it shows that you can definitely distort a real time-tested subgenre a bit, remove most of the common elements, and create new things with things that are repeated frequently. This movie is worth going on and watching on a quiet night. It’s the kind of movie that silently grabs you and won’t let you go.

Things Heard & Seen

 Things Heard & Seen movie cast
Release Date: – April 29, 2021
Amanda Seyfried finds herself in another haunted house and their relationship is broken. This time, she largely sacrificed her artistic career and moved to upstate New York, where her husband James Norton was appointed as a professor at a private university. Swedenborg and his teachings appear in the film, and the filming location is a hotbed for his followers. The house itself was quickly filled with pranks and other spooky activities. There is even a surrender meeting being held. Seyfried discovers that the house has an evil past, and her husband also hides a secret. Mainly psychological terror, but there have also been several murder and assassination attempts, including axe attacks. A Gothic thriller about a haunted house is 121 minutes long. It could have been better if its running time were shortened by 20 minutes, although it is still worth watching. Written and directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Puccini on Netflix.


Spiral movie cast
Release Date: – May 14, 2021
The concept of instead of targeting individuals but a whole group is a fresh twist to the Saw franchise and Detective Zeke (Chris Rock) not only nailed his role with the dark humor he bought in as an actor but also as one of the main creators of the film. Some parts felt rushed but it was understandable due to the fact that Covid was a major thing during filming. Even with that, this is a must-see. The ending also feels like they left it open to the possibility of a sequel. So if you are a saw fan. definitely go watch this as the traps in this are really unique and are more realistic than the shotgun carousel and the glass box trap from saw 3D But seriously if you are looking for the best Horror Movies 2021 this is the movie to watch.

The Djinn

top scary movies 2021 so far
Release Date: – May 14, 2021
This Movie doesn’t Really Have a Good Story to It but how they portray it makes it look good. The Boy Being Mute And Wanting A Voice Then Finding A Book, So He Can Make A Deal With The Devil And Having To Deal With It, And Dealing With The Consequence Such As The Boy’s Father Losing His Voice, So The Boy Can Have His Own Voice. But I Give Credit To The Boy For His GREAT Acting Skills And The Horror Scenes That 100% Freaked Me Out. Props to that little boy. He was mute but his body and actions spoke volumes. Had me screaming!! Good scares. And again. That boy was brave.


top 10 horror films 2021 so far
Release Date: – May 28, 2021
This might actually be the best 2021 horror movies I’ve seen in a very long time, and one of the only films where I will say it is on par with, maybe even better than, the original movie. The cinematography, the soundtrack, the acting, everything was spectacular. One of the best performances had to have been Noah Jupe, definitely having developed his skills over the years between the movies. Emily Blunt, as always amazing performance, and Millicent Simmonds was spectacular.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

scariest movie 2021 so far
Release Date: -June 4, 2021
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It saved and continued the style of the two previous and brought us a reasonable, thrilling, and interesting story. No dull moment in this film, jump scares and terrifying music just appeared at the appropriate time. it satisfies you with these, your heart actually skips a beat when jump scares appear. Many feel more like a detective show but I do not think it is discordant or break the Conjuring Universe law. In contrast, it provides us a new view of the Conjuring instead of just an exorcism story in an old house. Whatever, it’s a great movie to kill time.

Some of these movies were originally meant to scare movie theaters earlier this year, but they pushed back their release dates or produced videos directly on-demand to meet the needs of home audiences. Although it may take a while to sit back in a movie seat with some too buttery popcorn in hand, there are still plenty of movies you can dream of watching. So, to commemorate this year’s Horror Movies 2021, 10 scary movies 2021 are released this year so far.




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