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Best Kids Movies of 2021 So Far

Theres nothing that quite beats the adrenaline rush that comes with a top action movie.  From thrilling car chases, to spectacular cinematic fight scenes, bar fights, street brawls, all out battle – it doesn’t get much better than that.  Below you will find the best action movies of 2017 and I can guarantee that the list is set to thrill.  So strap yourself into your seats and get ready for a mind blowing adventure through the top action movies of 2017.  

Sailor Moon Eternal

best kids movies of 2021 so far
Release Date: January 8, 2021

This movie is well-animated and designed nicely to match the manga. However, the pacing of the actual movie is the sole reason why certain anime movies don’t do too well. There wasn’t enough time to portray certain personalities that the villains had and it’s sad because it’s what many of the people who watch Sailor Moon grew up with. Overall great movie, it was very magical and good Can’t wait for the next arc of this show. Sailor moon eternal part one and part two are almost an exact replica of the manga and its animation is also very great.

Tom & Jerry

top 10 kids movies of 2021 so far
Release Date: February 26, 2021

It’s honestly one of the better live-action animation hybrid films, it at least keeps the classic humor from the original Tom and Jerry cartoons and doesn’t focus on the weaker acting performances and story line that always ends up being flawed. The story line actually does better focusing on Tom and Jerry more than what’s going on around them and we even see characters like Butch and the other cats from old cartoons appear as well. One of the other flaws a live-action animation hybrid fails to achieve is humor. But this one somehow pulled it off. And not to mention, it’s even better than the original Tom & Jerry movie from 1992 which I can understand why that movie was hated, this one feels like an improvement to the original which says a lot.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run movie cast 2021
Release Date: March 4, 2021

If you love Spongebob, watch it, this one is not to be missed by anyone who has liked Spongebob Squarepants, One of the thoroughly enjoyable movies that you can watch in recent times. It has all the Spongebob features mixed with a little more emotions that feel new but dives perfectly into the movie. The childhood scenes shown in the movie are just adorable and the final scene in the latter half of the movie is really emotional especially the scene where Patrick speaks for Spongebob. Squidward is yet again in such a mood in this movie.


 Raya and the Last Dragon movie cast 2021
Release Date: March 5, 2021

Disney’s captivating and delightfully narrated animated film Raya and the Last Dragon is one of the Best Movies of 2021 so far and is directed by Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada. An opening sequence takes us back 500 years in Kumandra’s history when the Druuns set out to destroy the enemy race of humans. Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) brought a fiery attitude and passion for justice, and Sisu (Awkwafina) brought a soul. Raya is a young woman and a strong fighter. It is interesting to watch Raya join the battle on a weapon called TukTuk (Alan Tudyk). As the only surviving dragon in Kumandra, Sisu can transform into a human, exuding the light of strength and energy, stopping the army in the thick fog, swimming like a speedboat, and flying through the clouds and raindrops. Raya and Last Dragon are crawling at times, but most of the time its urgency and motivation to back up. Equally impressive, it reaches a deeply moving climax.

Spirit Untamed

best chidren films of 2021 so far
Release Date: June 4, 2021

DreamWorks Animation and Distributed By Universal Pictures. Spirit Untamed Is A 2021 Adventure/Family Starring Isabela Merced, McKenna Grace, Jake Gyllenhall and the rest of the cast is to be applauded. The story goes that after moving to a sleepy town, the lucky young Priscart befriended a wild horse named Spirit, who shared his rebellious spirit with her. Director By Elaine Bogan The cinematography is top-notch and the attention to detail on the animation is extremely good, especially when it comes to the horses’ design. Definite recommend.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

 Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway movie cast 2021
Release Date: June 11, 2021

Peter Rabbit is an enjoyable movie! It is really funny, some parts are a little emotional, but the majority of it is enjoyable! The story is that Bea, Thomas, and Rabbit made a temporary family, but Peter doesn’t seem to have a mischievous reputation despite his best efforts. Coming out of the garden, Peter finds out that he is in a world where his misdeeds are acknowledged, but when his family takes every risk to find him, Peter needs to know who he is and what he wants to be a rabbit. The bunnies were adorable and funny. And I also think children might come away with a deeper respect and love of not only wildlife and animals but also of the environment. These topics were also cleverly woven into the script and storyline.

Wish Dragon

best animated movies of 2021 so far
Release Date:  June 11, 2021

Wish Dragon is a really good movie. I think the best lesson a movie can give to an audience is to learn from each other. Long, in his life as a lord and wish dragon had no friends until he met Din. He had everything except what Din had. I`m saying Long is the MVP of the movie he had a drastic change in personality, becoming more sympathetic and caring for someone, going as far as demanding to be turned back into a wish dragon and sacrificing himself for Din. Now that`s what I call a good character arc! Produced by Jackie Chan along with Kipo and the age of the wonder beast creator Radford Sechrist as the head of the story, the film is about din that is given a magical teapot that contains a wish dragon named long who must serve 10 masters with din being his final.


Luca Movie Cast 2021
Release Date: June 18, 2021

Luca is such an outstanding film, which shows that they are fun in life, showing family, friends, adventures, Luca has been shown at the start that he’s more closely with his Mother than his Father. That tells the audience that even from personal matters that do exist. Later on, the Father does admit that he doesn’t pay much attention, showing that he’s willing to make a change for the better, so even his Father makes that extra step, showing that it’s not just the kid, adults struggle too. Further, into this film he makes friends, from taking a step forward out of his comfort zone, showing “adventure”. As he`d been alone now making friends and showing that life isn`t as bad as you may think, you just got to take that extra step. The movie is probably more for young kids, but it had mature themes, too, for all the adults watching and is enjoyable for the whole family.

The Boss Baby: Family Business

 The Boss Baby: Family Business movie cast
Release Date: July 2, 2021

It’s a lovely movie, just like the first Boss Baby. However, it’s a bit messy and can make it harder for kids to understand when following along. The first Boss Baby gave more feels and left more of a lasting impression than this one did but I still recommend watching. The highlight of the Boss Baby series is the dynamic between the brothers, but they do a good job of making the daughters likable characters as well. There are some funny moments, it’s not too long, and the animation is splendid! Just give it a watch, esp. if you’ve seen the first film.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

 Space Jam: A New Legacy movie cast 2021
Release Date: July 16, 2021

if you have watched the original Space Jam then this feels like it was put together as a whole far better than the original. LeBron’s acting is questionable at times but I believe his acting was better than Jordan’s in the original. On top of that, the animation is fantastic. The CGI is put together perfectly, and you couldn’t see flaws in it. You thoroughly enjoy all of the Looney Tunes characters as well. The movie specifically shows off all of the characteristics of the characters as known in the past. Multiple times in the movie they pay homage to the original and they execute it perfectly. Also considering this movie is made for children who are interested in basketball I’m sure any child who watches this movie will not get bored with the colorful and flashy animation and children type comedy. this movie is simply a fun movie for kids to watch. I would strongly recommend watching it I’m sure you’ll have a good time.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy an animated movie or a Disney movie. And luckily for us, many of those movies came out this year after the pandemic has postponed so many Kids Movies 2021. Fairy tales, superheroes, and lots of stories around man’s best friend are coming! We’ve rounded up the best Kids Movies 2021. There is no doubt that you do not want to miss it.




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