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Best Thriller Movies of 2021 So Far

All movies are good as they are, but let’s be a true Thriller is probably the most difficult movie category to define. If you are looking for adrenaline to spring up when you press play then Thriller Movies 2021 is the way to go. This list includes action thrillers, dramatic thrillers, mystery thrillers, and horror movies that give you thrill and scare you at the same time. Our list of top 10 thriller movies in 2021 will help you decide the best thriller movies 2021 has to offer so shall we begin.

The Marksman

best thriller movies of 2021 so far
Release Date: – January 15, 2021

This film is a modern western with a familiar feel of Clint Eastwood films. It’s character-driven and focuses on actual relationships rather than stereotypes or current political issues. The only positive point in the plot of this dreary movie about loss and of hunting down, shooting and killing, was the ending where the two main characters find their peace. The bad guys tracking down good guys trying to get away kind of plot had no surprises for me. I got a feeling that Liam is physically tired out at this point of his acting career, and so was cast into a role where being old was frequently referred to. Have fun at some of the best California trampoline parks that you can check out at https://www.chandler.uptownjungle.com/ site. Given all the chaos allowed to go on at our southern border now and the resulting support of the malicious cartels in making their fortunes off of others’ miseries, this movie was very timely. ​Even the villain is someone you can sympathize with! The pacing felt great and the acting natural. So much better than the shoot ’em up typical action films

Don’t Tell a Soul

don't tell a soul movie cast 2021
Release Date: – January 15, 2021

It is a decent, gripping thriller, but at the same time, you are often left confused about certain plot points throughout the movie. However, there were many positive aspects to this movie, the performances being one of them. Jack Dylan Grazer gave a powerful performance as usual, which I was honestly not surprised about because he’s an incredible actor, Fionn Whitehead was absolutely terrifying, which was necessary as otherwise, the intensity of the movie wouldn’t have the same impact that it did. The actual sibling dynamic between Jack’s character and Fionn’s character was very well done between the two actors, and it was totally believable that they were siblings. The short run time was perfect for this sort of movie because it definitely heightened the intensity of the story and therefore I never lost interest or became bored. The main plot reversal was crazy good, I didn’t see it coming and it certainly increased the tension and grip of the movie. It was wonderful. Overall, it was undoubtedly good. The acting and pacing of the movie were inevitably what made it succeed as a thriller.

The Little Things

the little things movie cast 2021
Release Date: – January 29, 2021

Sometimes you just need films to breathe and allow the plot to develop and take you on a dark journey with the characters. Not ALL mysteries have to focus on the “who killed who”. This is one of the best Thriller Movies 2021 has to offer. I welcomed the fresh take of going into the lives of the two prime characters and see how their lives mirror the future and the past while investigating the murders. It was a bone-chilling thrill to see how it all connects in the end. That’s what I want, to think I’m being lead down one path of, “Oh I think I know who it is”, and instead you are on a ride of gasps and shockers! For sure Denzel Washington and Jared Leto have a fast track to Oscar nods, Especially Leto! He was amazing He was oily, sick, and incredibly uncomfortable to watch because we’ve seen men like him in public. He lived and soaked every ounce of his talents into the role, and it was deliciously dark, but funny at times! This was a terrific thriller that stepped out of the generic box of bloody murders/cops genre- and it was brilliant from the first scene to the shocking final moments.

I Care a Lot

must see thrillers 2021 so far
Release Date: – February 19, 2021

It is an entertaining movie that will keep you on your toes the entire time. This is one of the movies with a realistic ending and not really cares that it needs to end on a high moral compass because that’s not what happens in real life either. I loved how this movie uncovers the shaky healthcare system, which probably exists today as well and hidden behind the American Dream. It leaves the viewers pondering where the line is drawn. Acting-wise, Rosamund Pike did a terrific job with her character. Her portrayal of a brave, ambitious, scared at times, is commendable. And who doesn’t like Peter Dinklage! Overall, it’s a good one-time watch.

Silk Road

silk road movie cast 2021
Release Date: – February 19, 2021

The Silk Road is a notorious dark web market. The founder of the Silk Road, Ross Ubrecht (Nick Robinson), is a little embarrassed to deal with this story. The Silk Road is a notorious dark web market and is known as EBay for drugs and other suspicious services. The film is inspired by the true story of the rise and fall of Ulbricht in the 2010s, and is adapted from the article “Dead Ends on the Silk Road” written by David Kushner for Rolling Stone magazine. Screenwriter and director Tiller Russell (Tiller Russell) then incorporated a minor plot into the story of troubled DEA agent Rick Bowden (Jason Clarke), after the catastrophic breakdown of his previous rhythm, was dragged into the cybercrime department before retiring early. Bowden was the first person to follow Ulbricht, even though any of his colleagues did not trust him, despite his precarious family situation.

The Courier

thriller movies 2021
Release Date: – March 19, 2021

The best thing about this film is it is based on fact. That means it was relatively straightforward and easy to follow – unlike fictional espionage stories which can get some complex that we lose track of who is who and what is going on. It is the most suspenseful movies 2021 offered. There were no double agents here nor do we have to spend too long trying to decipher sudden twists and turns in the story because there were none really. It did not need the inventions of a le Carre because the real story was interesting enough. Benedict Cumerbatch is excellent as Grenville Wynne.


oxygen movie cast 2021
Release Date: – May 12, 2021

It’s a great movie, its script, from the short sense for conveying the great sense of urgency, to longer constructions as things become more protracted, very thrilling, despite the finite experience of all that was seen. In many ways, this visual confinement aligns with the narrative, reflecting through the limited perspective of the protagonist – attributing much to the sense of mystery of the outside world, where this was incrementally punctured by mild jolts of continual revelations of the world beyond. The storyline and acting were succinct, giving an authentic response to a situation of trauma, distress, panic, and hope through the adverse of being in a claustrophobic near-death experience. The movie really demonstrates how it really does not take much budget and resources to make for a solid time pass thriller.

The Woman in the Window

psychological thrillers 2021 so far
Release Date: – May 14, 2021

Set primarily in the neglected area of ​​a musty house occupied by a mentally unstable creature. Consumed by paranoia, Anna Fox (Amy Adams) in Socks is a nervous wreck haunted by the son of the house across the street, whose windows are a habit locals have. She witnesses what she thinks is murder, but her mind is a mixture of traumatic memories, hallucinations, and disorientation caused by a gruesome array of drugs. And we’re here with her throughout her ordeal, an escalating series of tense events that lead to a tense and satisfying mini-thriller. Yes, it’s full of clichés – the movie even admits its debt to Rear Window very early on – but they’re delivered with enough sparkle and conviction. There’s no objection to one of the rampant performances here, with seasoned director Joe Wright composing warm, quality performances. High-quality from a top-tier cast that includes Gary Oldman, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and versatile actor/writer Tracy Letts, an author whose behavior lies about his past is going to make a film himself.

Riders of Justice

riders of justice movie cast 2021
Release Date: – May 14, 2021

Riders of Justice is a visual treat that drifts between being a revenge drama and a family drama. While the revenge motif forms a considerable part of the movie, at its core, it’s about how people come to terms with grief through different processes and the importance of a support system. This movie not only captures human relationships at different levels but is also a statistician’s delight for all its references to probability and cause-and-effect relationships.

No Sudden Move

suspenseful movies 2021 so far
Release Date: – July 1, 2021

It started out in the story and had a good pace for the plot and film. The film had a good cast and a good number of good classic actors. The story was interesting and the twist was decent, the action and humor of the film were fitting for the time period, it had the good gangster and 50s time period feel to it. Some scenes were a little slow but it caught up to itself and got a lot better as the film progressed. I can say that you will have a good time watching the film.

Be sure to check out these exciting movies. But which of these films is the best thriller of 2021 so far? It’s up to you. There’s a huge library of movies 2021 has to offer, but if you need a real absolutist distraction, it’s an excellent thriller. So, we’ve rounded up the best psychological thriller 2021. These include true crime, horror, noir, comedy, action, and more. When you’re done, find a list of the best movies of all time that contain so many classic thrillers to keep you thrilled.




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